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By: Mdm Coaching  05/12/2011
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Source Energy Healing – 4 sessions’ package

This profound healing method is based on channelling of the Source energy. Magdalena is a clear channel and during each session she connects with Source and brings Its’ energy through herself and the clients she works with. The energy then directs Magdalena’s attention to certain places in the body, where she uncovers the root cause of any blocks. By directing Source energy into the core of issue, it is then dissolved and healed. The change is instant and has long lasting effect. The method is very powerful yet in the same time gentle and uplifting.

During Source energy healing session you will be able to:

  • Release emotional, physical, energetic, ancestral and past life blocks at the core of the issue,
  • Release any negative behaviour patterns and beliefs,
  • Come back to your natural state of being and reenergise your whole body and being,
  • Heal and evolve any parts of you that are still not in alignment with your true self,
  • Experience deep, profound and long lasting change.

That’s what you might experience after Source Energy Healing session:

  • Instant relief of pain both physical and emotional,
  • Feeling revitalised and renewed,
  • Clarity,
  • Feeling of being grounded,
  • Deep relaxation,
  • Joy,
  • Freedom,
  • Peace and calmness,
  • Feeling of being vast and open.

What others say about Source Energy Healing?

I went to Magdalena with back pain and came out of the session feeling renewed, revitalised and healed.  Not only did it improve the back pain, I came out of the session with a renewed sense of self and a valuable lessoning of knowing if I don’t love and put myself first, then I can’t love and support anyone else.  There was very little effort on my part other than relaxing.  It was a magical experience and one I certainly hope to have again. Magdalena - thank you so much! C.H. Marketing Manager


Many blocks were cleared during my session and past hurts were healed, allowing me to re-connect to my true purpose with a clarity I hadn’t experienced before. I left feeling much lighter in myself, and yet more solid and grounded, clearer about my life purpose and totally connected to it.  Since then I have noticed further shifts, allowing seemingly unrelated issues to surface, and in doing so, they were effortlessly and completely dissolved.

This was by far the easiest, shortest and most effective session I have had in a very long time, with very far-reaching results, and although I had worked on some of these issues before, I know that they are totally cleared now.

The session was a very liberating experience, and I would thoroughly recommend one of these wonderful healing experiences to anyone who is willing to dig deep, let go, and fly! F.D. Musician & Healer

To find out how can I help you contact me and schedule 20 minutes FREE session or if you have already decided bookSource Energy Healing sessions.

Keywords: energy healing

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