By: Mc Gas Services  05/12/2011
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We specialise in repairing or replacing all makes of boilers.

All boilers fall into three categories safe, at risk, or immediately dangerous. Therefore there is a 1 in 3 chance that your boiler is safe to use.We will assess if your boiler is wasting energy and raising your gas bills needlessly. We can also determine the CO/CO2 ratio of your boiler to determine if it is safe or not to use and if you are leaving a high carbon footprint on the environment.

Over time the efficiency of your boiler and heating system will degrade - hence the need for yearly servicing. Regular maintainence can prolong the life of your system and WILL SAVE YOU MONEY, in heating bills and emergency repair work.

Without regular maintenance the performance of appliances and boilers can degrade. We can perform simple boiler checks to make sure you are getting the most from your heating system. A boiler upgrade can save you money in wasted heating bills over time - let us advise you on the health of your boiler system.

We develop sysytems to give you total control of your heating needs, whether you are loking for some help with an existing control or are looking for a completely new system we can help.

Power flushing of old systems is advisable if you have rust deposits (sludge) in the radiators. Black oxide or brown oxide will make your existing system inefficient to heat up your home and will cause breakdowns more likely especially with pumps and valves. Even new homes may have sludge in the system due to no water treatment being added to the installation when completed.

All makes and models of cooker and gas fireplaces installed, serviced and repaired.

As a Registered Gas Installer we provide all levels of service - whether your pipework needs a pressure maintainence check or complete re-fitting. We use the most up-to-date technologies to ensure all appliances are properly fitted and safe.

Keywords: Boiler, gas, heating, safe