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By: Eco West  05/12/2011
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There are two types of solar collectors available for domestic and commercial renewable energy use. These are Flat Plate and Vacuum Tube. Both solar collectors have comparable levels of efficiency at hot temperatures and in direct sunlight. However Vacuum Tube collectors are significantly more efficient in low light and at colder temperatures. This makes them ideal for heating your home from a renewable, green energy source, even in our cool Irish climate.

At EcoWest we use AMK solar collectors from Switzerland, one of Europe’s leading solar collector manufacturers. AMK have over 20 years of experience in the development and production of evaluated tube collectors.

Why use AMK Solar Panles and EcoWest systems?

  • High efficiency of panels
  • High quality system and associated equipment
  • Committed and passionate about solar power
  • Award winning panels
    • - Solar award Sweden 2007
    • - Solar award Switzerland 2006
    • - Gold medal Poland 2006
    • - Solar award Switzerland 2005

Under Floor Heating

Under floor heating is a popular heating concept which offers many unique benefits.

  • High level of Comfort
  • Design freedom
  • Economy
  • Low maintenance
  • Safety

With underfloor heating the entire floor becomes a low temperature heat emitter. Heat is concentrated where it is needed…at the floor area, not the ceiling. The system is designed to run at a controlled and constant level. Hot spots, draughts and cold areas are thus eliminated. Carpet, wood, stone, PVC and other materials can be used with underfloor heating and are taken into account at the early design stage. Under floor heating from EcoWest is an ideal clean, renewable alternative to fossil fuels for your Irish home.


Geothermal is 'heat energy' that is stored in the ground we stand on. The 'heat' is supplied by two sources; the earth's core and the sun's radiation. Geothermal heating systems transfer heat that naturally occurs in the ground to your home. The 'heat' is stored in groundwater where the temperature can be as high as 12°C. At EcoWest we use a Geothermal Heat Pump to raise this heat around 36°C for space heating - such as under floor heating and between 50°C-60°C for domestic hot water.

Geothermal Heat Pumps are efficient and cost-effective, using less than 25% of the electricity required to conventionally heat your home. This method of heating is more than three times as efficient as the most efficient fossil fuel burners. Benefits include:

  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Environmentally friendly, easy to use and control system.
  • Proven, geothermal heating has been used in Ireland for the past 15-20 years
  • Safe - There is no boiler requirement (no naked flame), making the system safer for the home.
  • Low maintenance required - fewer moving parts.
  • 10 Year Guarantee on Under floor heating installations

Keywords: Floor Heating, green energy, heating, renewable energy, Solar collectors, Underfloor Heating