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By: Hospice  05/12/2011
Keywords: palliative care, Medical Service, Social Work Service

Medical Service
Medical support for the service in the community is provided by the patient’s family doctor in consultation, where necessary, with a Specialist Palliative Care Consultant. In cases where hospitalisation becomes necessary the patient is referred to hospital by the General Practitioner. A Consultant in Palliative Medicine attends at Mayo General Hospital three days a week and at Roscommon County Hospital one day a week. The Foundation welcomes the appointment of a second palliative care consultant for the region and look forward to the appointment of a third.

Specialist Nursing in the Community

There are now 15 specialist palliative care nurses employed on the Homecare Teams serving Mayo and Roscommon. The Teams provide the service in the patient’s own home, in Nursing Homes and in Community Hospitals in line with patient needs. There are 9 nurses in Mayo and 6 in Roscommon. The specialist nursing service is in place 365 days a year to help those in our community who have to cope with serious illness and the loss of loved ones. The majority of patients cared for are cancer patients, but as our service has developed and expanded it is now also available for pain and symptom control in patients with other non-malignant conditions such as Motor Neurone, Muscular Dystrophy & MS.Specialist Nursing in Hospitals
Four specialist palliative care nurses work at both Mayo General Hospital and Roscommon County Hospital, two in each hospital. The nurses liaise with the Homecare Teams to ensure continuity of care for patients and families.

Social Work Service

Two Senior Medical Social Workers are employed on the Homecare Teams in Mayo and Roscommon. A third Senior Medical Social Worker is based with the Palliative Care Team at Mayo General Hospital.  Where necessary additional psychological support is provided for patients and families.

Night Nursing, Sitter Service/Home Help

The Foundation assist in the provision of a night nursing service for patients in association with the Irish Cancer Society. Where necessary, Care Attendants/Sitters are provided to assist families and relatives caring for patients in their own homes. The Foundation also funds extra home help for families in association with the HSE.Clerical Support
Medical secretaries are employed to work with the Homecare Teams in both Counties. A part time Medical secretary also works with the Team at Mayo General Hospital. Equipment, Travel & Financial Support
The Foundation purchase specialist equipment for patients pain control and comfort. They also assist in funding patient transport for treatment and provide financial support for families who are experiencing hardship due to illness.Team Education & Accommodation
The Foundation contribute towards the cost of training and refresher courses for staff in their various disciplines. The accommodation costs for the Team in Mayo
are funded by the Foundation. In Roscommon the Foundation assisted the HSE to refurbish offices for the Team.

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