The Mayo Clinic Diet

By: Mayo Clinic Health Solutions  05/12/2011

The Mayo Clinic Diet will help people learn
how to make healthy lifestyle decisions.

The Mayo Clinic Diet is a new resource developed by Mayo Clinic experts in the fields of medicine, nutrition, behavioral science and more. The diet is designed to cut through weight-loss clutter and consists of two phases to help people incorporate practical lifestyle habits into their daily lives. Readers will learn how to use tools and easy-to-follow techniques that guide them through the process of weight-loss based on their preferences, barriers and goals.

The Mayo Clinic Diet book is organized into three practical sections,
making it easy to understand:

  • "Lose It!" emphasizes the quick-start plan.
  • "Live it" offers an action plan for continued weight loss
    and ongoing maintenance.
  • "All the extra stuff" contains practical, helpful tools and
    tips to help people reach their weight-loss goals.

This full-color, hard-cover book includes quizzes, strategies for portion control, exercise tips, the importance of a support system, and more.

The companion journal

A companion journal to The Mayo Clinic Diet book is available for people who are interested in tracking their goals and progress in an easy-to-use format.

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