By: Maxitherm  05/12/2011
Keywords: Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation – Moy Isover

ProblemA poorly insulated attic costs money – up to 30% of your heat escapes through the roof.
SolutionAdd a layer of Heat Shield high performance insulation to your existing attic insulation. It is engineered for maximum heat retention and designed for easy installation. Just lay it on top of what you already have to save heat and save money.
ResultsNot only do you get a warmer house but lower heating bills and a payback within 36 months the quickest payback amongst other energy saving solutions. You are also helping the environment.
Other benefitsIf you are considering a comprehensive upgrade, replace your existing attic insulation with Heat Shield as well as a top up layer. You can even apply Heat Shield to the roof eaves when converting for maximum heat retention.

No Damage

Moy Isover heatsheild will not damage any metal components in the loft nor react with PVC cables.


Moy Isover heatsheild is a durable material. When installed, it will not be affected by normal ventilation within the attic space. It will remain an effective insulant for the lifetime of the building.


  • Excellent thermal & acoustic performance
  • Exceptional tear strength
  • Completely fire safe – non-combustible
  • Durable – not easily damaged in storage, during transport or on site when installed
  • Long product life – will not age

Keywords: Attic Insulation

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