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By: Maura Doyle  05/12/2011

Teams are common to all organisations but good teams don’t just happen. They need support to establish and perform.

High performing teams consist of people who:

  • understand and share a common purpose
  • understand their role and contribution
  • have the right mix of skills
  • are motivated to contribute
  • can adapt
  • have a sense of belonging and openness
  • have good internal communications
  • have effective ways of handling differences
  • get the work done
  • can measure and celebrate their success.

Getting your team to function like this requires attention.  Below, I will outline two typical interventions I offer.  In addition, developing strategy or implementing change can also be used as opportunities to develop a team.

Establishing the Team

This is a tailored intervention to clarify what the team is there to do and how it will do it. It provides a supportive and challenging environment for the team to:

  • understand the concept and characteristics of team
  • develop commitment to a common purpose and vision for the team
  • understand roles and interdependencies
  • commit to contribute to and support other team members
  • get to know one another better
  • acknowledge potential strengths and blindspots
  • identify helpful processes for getting things done
  • translate knowledge into action and commit to act individually and as a team

Improving the Team’s Performance

For a team that is already established, this tailored intervention aims to accelerate results. It provides a constructive environment, helping the team to work through the following in a balanced way:

  • establish what the team is doing well and not so well
  • understand the concept and characteristics of team
  • acknowledge and protect what’s going well
  • address typical issues that can present with goals, roles, interdependencies, skills, processes, behaviours, relationships, rewards and recognition
  • translate knowledge into action and commit to act individually and as a team

Other products and services from Maura Doyle


Executive Coaching » Maura Doyle

If it is an organisation-wide programme to create a coaching culture, I will facilitate the organisation to harvest the organisational learning by facilitating a discussion around any systemic issues that present. If trust is established and the client feels I am the right coach for them, we then discuss outline goals and agree a timeframe for the coaching sessions and a method for evaluating success.


Strategy Development » Maura Doyle

Strategy development is an iterative process and should involve people from right across the business. Engage key stakeholders, (including employees, as appropriate) to validate assumptions and decisions. Understand current and potential stakeholders; their level of importance and degree of support. What are the potential implications of these trends for your business. The range of possible futures confronting your business is great.


Change Management » Maura Doyle

Through a change program that is fit for purpose; managing expectations and deliverables, capturing and applying the learning, acknowledging success, managing resistance, measuring and realizing the business benefits. Ensure that all elements support the change; making whatever adjustments are needed to structure, culture, leadership style, skills, competencies and key processes to support the change.


Meeting Design & Facilitation » Maura Doyle

If you choose to engage a facilitator, they can take responsibility for the process so the management team can concentrate on the meeting or workshop. I am skilled at meeting/workshop design and group facilitation and can provide an intervention to meet your organisation’s specific requirements. Leadership should speak with one voice, expressing the same key messages and conveying similar values and behaviours.