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By: Martin Divilly Butchers  05/12/2011
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More and more consumers are realising that our natural grass fed beef is not just a world class food, they also know it is a vital health food.

All our stock is handpicked from local Galway farms. We concentrate on Aberdeen Angus and Hereford Cross beef. We also dry age our beef, that is, we use the traditional method of developing the flavour, our technique is to keep our beef in a temperature controlled ageing chamber, as the beef loses moisture it develops flavour and the meat also becomes more tender. Having also introduced Grainfed Beef it gives the customer a greater choice. Our beef is completely traceable from farm to fork and is on display instore.


Lamb is one of the richest sources of absorbable iron, a nutrient that is often lacking amongst young children, teenagers and pregnant women.

We pride ourselves on our spring lamb. It’s not just any lamb, it’s all handpicked U3 Grade Lamb – the highest quality there is. Try our Spring recipe with a glass of great wine. Wine brings out the succulent, mild, meaty flavour of the lamb and makes it even more irresistable! Try a well-structured Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot.


Bacon has always been a staple of the Irish diet. Every household in Ireland can claim to have a Bacon and Cabbage dinner at some stage. Its popularity has never waned. However, all bacon is not created equal. A prime example of this is our award-winning homercured, low salt back bacon.

Our secret homecuring recipe ensures the best possible taste every time. We use only Galway pork in our curing process which is done on a weekly basis instore. This cuts out the excessive use of salt as a preservative found in other bacons and so makes our bacon a healthier option. By using only centre cut bacon we also cut out the fat element in the joint. This is labour saving for the customer also as there’s no steeping involved to get rid of excess salt. It’s a pot to plate product!

Instore curing makes for a superior tasting, healthier bacon. Better for you, better for your family.


Free Range Chickens
Our Free Range Chickens come from Carlow Free Range Chickens. Bertram Salter says as a result of the birds being allowed to roam freely on the land, the meat has a better flavour and the birds have a far healthier life. Feed does not contain antibiotics and no additional salt or water is added during processing. All chickens are 100% Irish.


Ahead of the festive rush, take a little time to give your fridge a once over. Throw out any out of date foods. Re-arrange shelves to accommodate the turkey. Store the turkey on the bottom shelf. We recommend the earliest you collect your turkey is the 23rd of December. This reduces the amount of time it spends in your fridge which no doubt will be bursting at the seams! Remember, in order to keep the rurkey below 5°C, air has to be able to circulate around the bird.

Before you handle the bird, wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap. Do not wash the turkey. If you have to clean the bird, wipe with a piece of kitchen towel and discard any packaging directly into the bin. Handle the bird as little as possible. Afterwards, wash your hands, utensils and surfaces that have been in contact with the raw poultry.

As each appliance is different, temperature and time settings are dependent on your oven so it is essential to know when your turkey is cooked through. When the bird is fully cooked there will be no pink meat and when pierced, all juices will run clear NOT pink. The leg should come away easily from the body of the bird. Allow the bird to rest for 30 – 45 minutes before carving.

Leftover turkey should be removed from the bone, cut into small pieces , placed in a dish, covered and refridgerated within two hours of serving. The food should be eaten within two days of refrigeration.

Carving a Turkey

A beautifully bronzed turkey makes the perfect centrepiece. It is crucial you allow the bird to rest for 30 – 45 minutes before carving. This allows the proteins to relax and the juices to redistribute resulting in succulent slices of meat.

Always use a sharp knife to carve and have a warm serving platter ready. First remove the leg and drumsticks. Slice the meat, placing directly onto the warmed serving platter. Next, slice through the shoulder joint removing the wings. Place the wings directly on the serving platter as is.

Carve the breast meat, lifting off each slice holding it between the knife and fork layering on the serving platter. Let the feasting commence!

Keywords: Bacon, beef, Bird, meat, turkey

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