Everything you need to keep your marble, granite, stone, tile & grout looking great! MARBLELIFE

By: Marblelife  05/12/2011
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Everything you need to keep your marble, granite, stone, tile & grout looking great! MARBLELIFE

Polsihed natural stone such as marble, granite, travertine, limestone, salutrnia and terrazzo require some care and attention in order to maintain their original luster and appearance.. or to alter its appearance in a designed manner.

MARBLELIFE® is unique in being the only company that not only provides stone restoration and maintenance services but also manufactures and distributes stone care products. The products we distribute are used daily across the country by more than 150 MARBLELIFE stone craftsman as they work with clients to restore and maintain their stone surfaces.  We KNOW we are offering the best-in-class products and support because we LIVE and WORK with the results everyday.  If we can improve our offerings it helps us be more efficient as we service our clients - which means our products are constantly being evaluated and enhanced, to make your life as easy and pleasant as possible.

Whether seeking to clean, polish, protect or enhance your stone MARBLELIFE has the products and information you need.

- Stone safe pH neutral cleansers designed to safely clean and maintain marble, granite, terrazzo, limestone, terrazzo, ceramic, porcelain, glass, grout and metal.

- Boost your gloss and shine. Ideal for maintaining your marble, granite, and quartz counters, vanities, tables, walls, and stone furniture appearance.

- Custom solutions for etch damage on marble, limestone, travertine and terrazzo as well as stain removal and spot removal  on these and other surfaces such as granite, ceramic and porcelain.

- Daily Stone Maintenance Kits for each home surface including your granite counters, marble showers, granite vanity etc. Let us help you get started!  We'll make it easy and convenient with answers to any questions that arise from our staff of care experts.

- Seal now or pay later. Stone and grout surfaces should be sealed every 1 to 2 years.  Its easy and inexpensive to seal, but cost and time consuming to remove stains later.

- Not sure where to start? Contact one of our hundreds of trained stone professionals around the country for a free consultation. Locate a service provider near you, by simply entering your zip code into the locator to the left.

- Books How do I care for my stone Counters, floors, vanities, headstones? How do I remove a stain? What ever you stone care question we have the resources and answers in our library.

Not sure how to care for your stone take a look at our

where you can find recommendations on how to maintain just about every stone surface.  Or CALL your local office for a FREE no obligation assessment.

Still not sure, consider the

where you can get a recommendation as to what your stone surface needs. Still not sure?

Remember MARBLELIFE®, Inc. provides free stone need assessments, contact your local MARBLELIFE office or representative and they will assist you in assessing your needs, and setting up a program to care for your stone, tile & grout.

Keywords: grout, natural stone, stone

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Founded on marble restoration and marble floor polishing, MARBLELIFE now offers granite restoration, terrazzo restoration, limestone restoration, travertine restoration and ceramic / porcelain tile and grout cleaning and restoration. Preferred - We clean, polish, restore and maintain more quality hotel marble and granite floors and commercial lobbies and bathrooms than anyone else in the world.