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By: Mailing Services  05/12/2011
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Our Services

We offer a fully integrated and comprehensive mailing  service that can handle everything from the simplest mailing through to more complicated campaigns.

• Fully Automated Envelope Enclosing (DL - C5)
• Insert up to 3 items
• Laser personalisation
• Collation, folding & inserting
• Envelope supply & overprinting all colours & sizes
• Sorting for best postal rates
• Hand enclosing
• Labelling
• Collating
• Stapling
• Stick down inserts
• Matching personalised inserts
• Parcelling in boxes or heavy duty polythene
We can offer you a high-speed polywrapping service that is efficient, flexible and competitive. The installation of a new high-speed polythene wrapping machine has increased our high-speed polythene wrapping for magazines, newsletters, reports, brochures & catalogues to 8,000 per hour. Envelope Inserting:
Our high volume, multi-station envelope inserting machine is capable of packing  a variety of items such as letters, leaflets, brochures, reply envelopes etc into paper envelopes. Hand Packing:
When there is a need for complex matching or mailing that is not suitable for machine packing our team of experienced staff can handle any packing that is required. Database Management :
We sort and process all lists to remove duplicates as well as ensuring all addresses are valid so that you are not paying unnecessary postage costs. We can hold, manage and update your database and provide you with analysis & reports. Laser Printing:
Laser printing of address carrier sheets, letters, documents, postcards, labels, tickets,  envelopes, leaflets etc., all sizes and formats.

Postage Rates :
We can advise and sort your mail to ensure that you avail of the lowest postal discounts. Customer Service:
We are fully committed to offering our clients a very professional, efficient and highly reliable mailing service. We have a dedicated customer service manager who will be responsible for all aspects of your mailing and is available at all times to keep you up to date on the progress of your mailing from start to finish.

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