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By: Mail Warden  05/12/2011
Keywords: Spam, spam filtering, server software

At the heart of the Mail Warden Pro’s spam filtering solution is the GSSC. (Global Spam Service Center) Located in a state-of-the-art data center with 24/7 monitoring and a redundant power supply, ensuring continuous classification and defense to more than 250,000 daily spam attacks.

The GSSC uses patent-pending Recurrent Pattern Detection™ technology. Regardless of a spammer’s technique, all spam attacks generate unique recurrent patterns. The GSSC monitors and analyzes millions of messages distributed over the Internet each day to positively identify what is and is not spam.

Mail Warden Pro will cross-reference each incoming message against the GSSC’s vast database of known spam than if the message is classified as spam MWP will then process the message according to the rules you create. Since not all companies view spam the same way, Mail Warden Pro allows you to customize distribution rules to meet your specific requirements.

Recurrent Pattern Detection technology will detect spam patterns regardless of the spammers’ tricks and techniques. This includes:

  • Non-text based messages such as a Graphic image with embedded text or in HTML
  • Messages in any language from any country

Keywords: server software, Spam, spam filtering

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