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By: Mai Thai Massage  05/12/2011
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Massage Therapy Benefits

Physical Benefits of Thai Massage

• lower blood pressure and increase blood circulation,
• Encourage muscle relaxation, increase flexibility in your muscles and increase mobility,
• Improve breathing and sleep
• Help detoxifiy the body and boost the immune system
• Improves balance, posture, corrects body alignments and eliminate energy blockages
• Help with sports injuries, arthritis and back pain,
• Improves athletic and physical performance,
• Strengthen ligaments and joints, • Help tone the body and fight diseases including chronic joint problems,
• Slows down the aging process, • Prevents illnesses and alleviate degenerative diseases,

Mental Benefits of Thai Massage

• Improved concentration and creativity
• Clear and calm your mind
• Helps you yo acquire mental clarity

Psychological effects of Thai Massage

• Reduce and relieve stress and anxiety
• Boost your inner energy levels
• Promote tolerance and self-control
• Improve general health, vitality and overall well being.
• Increase your energy level and stamina
• Build confidence

Keywords: thai massage