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By: Magrathea  05/12/2011
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Our SIP trunking service gives you a simple and straightforward way to sell and charge for your VoIP service without the potentially large start up costs associated with becoming a telecommunication network. With different user packages and tariffs to choose from, there is sure to be at least one combination to suit all users.
This service is designed for service providers and resellers who want a simple way to buy, sell and charge for their VoIP service.

Why choose Magrathea for this service? 

  • It is easy to control via our simple real time API
  • We offer very competitive rates

How it works

You will need to provide your client with a telephone device that features on our compatibility list. We will give you the necessary account details to enable you to set up this device to send calls to our network.
We will give you access to a real time management API, which you can use to create accounts for each customer and to specify which package they will use. You can use this API to manage the customer’s credit or prepay balance, check call records and allocate and control DDIs.
All packages include caller ID, access to emergency service calls and geographic number allocations. We can easily add extra channels or numbers on request.
There are preset tariffs that you may choose to apply to your users’ accounts. The tariff will determine the rate at which any credit or prepay balance will be debited. This does not affect your wholesale tariff in any way.
Monthly bills are simple. At the end of each month, you will receive one invoice showing the total number of clients you have signed up, the total channels committed and the total numbers allocated. Full CDRs are available to download daily.


The Challenge

Our client wanted to offer a VoIP service to their users without the cost and management implications of running their own servers and other equipment.

Our Approach

We suggested an off the shelf solution that offers a fast, reliable and simple way to provide origination and connectivity services to their users. Our real time API gives them full control over user spend.

The Result

Our robust and easy to deploy service allows the client to concentrate on selling their equipment and services without worrying about the skills and expertise required to operate an IP network.

Keywords: service providers

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