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By: Magictime Apps  05/12/2011
Keywords: design consultants, Iphone Application

Our creative team and design consultants will take you on the best possible direction to make your app come to life. In order to gain full understanding of the target that your app will require we will have a initial meeting. We can even produce different prototypes that can used for test then the final version released and agreed by you the maker.

After the app has passed the design stage, we begin development. This involves programming the application using Objective-C, Xcode and the iPhone / iPad Development Kit. During this stage, we extensively test the app using both a Simulator and test devices. As developers we can create tailored solutions for your business. By using apps in your business you can improve efficiency productivity and profits. We work to extremely high standards and we insure customer satisfaction and service is of paramount importance. We can deliver multilingual apps that can bring your product or idea to a worldwide audience instantly. We look forward to helping develop and growing your business in partnership with you.

After the app has been developed and tested, it is ready for submission to the App Store. This process involves sending the application to Apple for approval to ensure it passes the strict quality controls in place. After the app is approved, it is published to the iTunes App store. Applications can be deployed on a country-by-country or on a worldwide basis. After publication we offer regular maintenance based on user feedback which gives your app a competitive edge.

Our aim is to be the soul innovators at creating paper less office with all the security of information including back-up. The world is reaching the stage where a business tool is no more a pen, pad and calculator where you can have all these items included in to one application with many more extra's like payment system and time keeping making it more advantageous to the user and making thing's more efficient. Our service range from designing an app for the entire management of a business this includes time and payment management which would mean that the over heads of the business would dramatically drop. When building the application time is important so we complete work on the said amount of days to make the app as available as time can make it.

Keywords: design consultants, Iphone Application