Ma-Uri - Massage Therapy in Bray, Ireland

By: Ma-uri  05/12/2011
Keywords: massage, Massage Therapy, Ma-uri Massage

MA-URI massage (60 or 90 mins.)

Warm oil is applied to the body and long sweeping strokes are done with the forearms of the practitioner massaging to Polynesian or other kinds of music. These strokes are combined with a special form of posture dance to generate the energy flow within and around the body. Every muscle, joint, ligament and bone is worked with this kind of touch, except the intimate body parts, which are covered with a towel throughout the massage session. Recommended: to everybody, especially those who would like a unique experience of this beautiful Polynesian based healing system. The client wears no clothes during this session, but is covered by a towel.

Emotional Bodywork

This is a special form of bodywork which mainly works on the emotional level for the enhancement and expansion of personal freedom. It is very beneficial when you are you stuck in a life situation, nothing seems to work for you, you are repeating the same pattern over and over again or suffer from past trauma. Emotional bodywork is used as a medium to expand and accelerate one's ability to move past blockages of any kind (physical, mental, emotional or spiritual) into accessing the wealth of resources, knowledge and understanding available within you. Its primary purpose is to create harmony and a strong connectedness between body, mind, soul and spirit. Thanks to the applied liberator techniques and energy work, this healing technique is highly effective in stress solving, eliminating emotional blockages or in assimilating former traumatic experiences.

Miri-Miri Back massage inc. head and shoulders (30 min)

This session covers the back, shoulders, neck and skull and finishes up with a full facial massage. Recommended: to everybody, especially to those who are short of time or have pain mainly in these areas. This session can be given with or without clothes covering the client’s back and neck, with or without oil.

Miri-Miri Joint massage (60 min)

In this session all joints are worked (neck, spine, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankles, feet) and finished with a facial or with a foot massage. Recommended: to everybody, especially those who have problems with their joints. This session can be given with or without clothes covering the client’s joints, with or without oil.

Astral massage (60 min)

This session is basically without touch, however, if requested by the client, it can include a facial and foot massage at the end of the session. During the work on the client’s astral body the client lies on the massage table while the therapist does a special astral dance around the table, balancing the energy field above and around the client’s physical body. This work brings harmony to the body as well as peace to the mind. Recommended: to everybody, especially those who don’t like physical touch or have some sort of skin problem or other illness that makes it impossible to touch the body. The client remains clothed during this session.

Keywords: massage, Massage Therapy, Ma-uri Massage