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By: Lynchpin Communications  05/12/2011
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Quality text addresses an individual in your target audience the way a good presenter establishes eye contact when speaking. The words are direct and rich in meaning. Their consistency and precision sharpens the impact of your message.

lynchpin communications

helps bring your communications a step above the competition, extends your reach, and can introduce your business to new markets.

Strategic consulting.

Put your money where your mouth is. Mesh your business plan and marketing strategy to send a clear message that you know your business and where it is going.

• Identify your audience and stakeholders.
• Target the best and most cost-effective distribution channels.
• Choose to address or ignore the challenges of your competition.
• Refine and strengthen your message.

Marketing. Connecting buyer to seller should be a service, not an imposition. When your marketing message states clearly what you offer and is consistent with what you say when face-to-face, the right buyer connects with the right seller in a win-win situation.

What does your company believe in? What is unique about your product or service and why should I buy from you rather than your competitor? How do I know you will deliver what you promise? Tell me.

Corporate identity.

The most visually-appealing logo or brand gives you a face that (hopefully) sticks in the mind of your audience. What you say and how you say it shows your character.


Filled with stunning pictures and great text, brochures give you the chance to provide expansive and detailed information with flavour and feel that can be absorbed at the convenience of your audience. A clear message helps you make the sale, gives customers confidence in their purchase, and creates loyalty that inspires repeat business.

Press releases.

Advertising is direct and emotional, but also transitory. Public relations gives your message credibility and context. Reading about your company in journals, on-line reviews, or in the news, places you firmly in the intellect of your targeted audience.


They're listening because they want to, not because they must. The difference between a captivated audience and one that feels it's been captured hinges upon your words: upon their organisation, style, and relevance. Move them, motivate them, and make them share your vision.

Banner ads.

The least obtrusive and annoying form of online advertising. A well-targeted banner ad that focuses on a visitor's needs can grab attention and increase traffic to your site.

Keywords: marketing