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By: The Restaurant Advisor  05/12/2011
Keywords: forensic analysis

Is your turnover down and your costs up ?

Do you need a forensic analysis of your business and a listening experienced ear?

A few simple steps can turn your business around.

Call THE RESTAURANT ADVISOR now and relax.

How many of these statements do you agree with? If you agree with more than four, its time for a rethink.
If not, call THE RESTAURANT ADVISOR for clear, practical advice

   I can do it on a shoestring to begin with. 

I like meeting people.

I want to be my own boss.

I have nothing to lose.

I'll borrow the money.

I will be rich by this time next year.

I'll do the accounts, laundry, window cleaning myself.

I'll meet lots of wonderful people and make new friends.

I love cooking and all my friends tell me I should open a restaurant.

I'm bored.

My family are not that keen, but they will love it once they see how exciting it is.

I have a great idea, I just know it will work, there is no need for all that preparation and stuff.

I dont have any experience or training, but I have lots of energy.

Suppliers will give me credit, so I will be able to keep things going if cash is tight. 

Keywords: forensic analysis