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By: Lowflo  05/12/2011
Keywords: leak detection

Fire System Testing
Fire hydrants and fire systems on all sites, such as hospitals, universities or pharmaceutical plants, need to be maintained and tested as part of your annual maintenance program. Testing and maintenance should be conducted for both insurance purposes and to ensure operability if a fire was to occur.
Testing includes:

  • Visual Inspection of all hydrants and surrounds
  • Flow Rates
  • Dynamic and Static Pressures

All testing conducted in accordance with BS:5306
all parts.

Flow Simulation
In assessing water distribution
for new sites, whether for an extension
or a complete new build, water delivery
is critical. The level of services at critical
points on a water network are
measured through pressure logging,
whilst simulating flows at peak demand
determines the suitability of the water
main for expansion.

Keywords: leak detection

Other products and services from Lowflo


Leak Detection and Leak Repair

Our technicians are trained to a high standard to efficiently detect leaks, recommend remedies, liaise with water providers and conduct repairs. All this from structured training a vast knowledge base, Lowflo personnel can solve any of your water leaks. Investing in the right people Lowflo has grown from strength to strength and over the last few years. LeakfinderTM – Ideal for tracing and pin-pointing leaks on small gauge plastic piping.


Lowflo | Water and Leak Detection - leak detection domestic

Gas Tracer method - Involves pressurising the system with an inert non-toxic gas the gas will escape through the leak and rise to the floor surface to be traced using a “sniffer probe”. Acoustic method – Simply listening for the hissing/rumbling noise emitted by the leak through the pipe network and surrounding floor the leak can be detected down to a square foot.


Lowflo | Water and Leak Detection - water audits

Knowledge and high-tech equipment there is no doubt that since Lowflo’s origin there has been no customer that has not experienced dramatic reductions in their water bills after hiring Lowflo. By reducing the flow of water in taps, showers, urinals, toilets, etc. by small increments you will see a direct affect your water bill at the end of the year. Detect – If underground leaks are exist the activate a leak detection program.