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By: Synergy Medical  05/12/2011

We have been privileged to have worked on and assisted in the design of some of the largest and most prominent hospital developments in Ireland. When we consider the effect that the patient environment can have on recovery times and mental well being its not surprising that architects, engineers and healthcare professionals seek to expand the boundaries of what can be achieved aesthetically while not compromising clinical effectiveness and regulatory compliance.

The companies which Synergy represent have a natural symbiosis with one another, a thorough understanding of each of these systems and how they relate to each other, allows us to provide solutions where others struggle to force their clients towards a catalogue product.

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Synergy Medical – Patient Hoist, Bedhead Trunking, Ceiling Hoist and Brandon Medical Equipment

Synergy representatives have many years experience in providing expert advice to clients on the complexities of compliance with the ever growing and constantly evolving list of EN’s HTM’s CIBSE Guidelines etc relevant to each product group. In today’s ever more litigious environment and given the recent changes to tendering legislation, the necessity for complete and accurate standards referencing within tender documents is paramount.


Synergy Medical – Medical Trunking, Bedhead Lighting and Cableflow’s Integra

While some of our competitors offer only standard horizontal bed head trunking for all applications and areas of the hospital, we believe that a product which has such a significant impact on the patient environment and the care provided to the patient is far too important to take a one size fits all approach.


Synergy Medical / Services / Specification Generation

Very often our clients cannot name a manufacturer in a specification, this leaves a difficulty for the engineer charged with ensuring a quality product is delivered to his client. The end result is either a poor installation or variations to the contract to obtain a compliant product; either outcome will reflect badly upon the design team.


Synergy Medical / Services / Installation

Whilst we pride ourselves on the straight forward installation procedures for our products, some of our clients prefer to hand over the responsibility for the installation to us giving them complete peace of mind. All our engineers are factory trained by the respective manufacturers. Simply ask for a price for installation at the time of quoting.


Synergy Medical / Services / Certification and Validation

Many people do not realise that all forms of medical supply unit such as medical trunking, medical pendants, beams systems etc require certification to a European product standard which carries with it a presumption of conformity to the Medical Device Directive. Why not remove the risk and ask Synergy to carry out a recertification of your systems.


Synergy Medical / Products / Medical Beam Systems

In areas of acute care such as 1st stage recovery, ICU, HDU and theatres medical trunking, while offering advantages in terms of cost will generally not provide the flexibility, load carrying capabilities and level of servicing that is required in such environments.