Helping you resolve ownership issues and Right of Way problems

By: Research Ireland  05/12/2011
Keywords: Deeds, Boundary Maintenance, Property Folio,

Research Ireland provide specialist searches for the provision of information and documents relating to boundaries, rights of way. Issues relating to boundary positions and boundary maintenance affect thousands of home owners each year and the assumption that this cannot be resolved without court proceedings or surveyors is incorrect. 90% of the time Boundary issues can be resolved amicably by looking at all the available documents affecting the titles of the properties concerned. This will mean looking at the documents for each property as the title to every property is unique and so there will be different information available for each property. We will obtain all this information for you without your neighbor even being aware of it.

Property Folio and Title Plan (where there is a full postal address) The Property Folio is one of the 2 main documents of title (often called Title Deeds). It contains a description of the property, its tenure, the name and address of the owners, purchase price, details of mortgages and other charges, covenants etc. The Title Plan is the other main Title Deed. We also search, as a matter of course, the Pending Applications Register in respect of any pending applications affecting the property. /div>

Keywords: Boundary Maintenance, Deeds, Property Folio,