DrillPro Oil and Gas SCADA | Data Acquisition Software

By: Measuresoft  05/12/2011
Keywords: Oil And Gas, data acquisition, Display System

DrillPro is an a full-featured add-on package to ScadaPro for the purposes of rig-site surface data acquisition and processing for both Mud Logging and drilling rig monitoring in general.

Drilling depth for oil or gas on land or sea cannot be monitored directly using sensors as it is expensive and hazardous to put sensors on the drill string. The current depth of the drill string and the on/off bottom status can be determined using the length of the drill string passed through a crane, the weight of the hook used to feed the string, the dimensions of the drill pipes, the well geometry and the amount of fluid pumped. A complex algorithm uses these different parameters to calculate the depth in real-time.

The DrillPro monitoring system will allow the operator to display drilling depth and status without the need for expensive down-hole instrumentation and using only vendor independent surface instrumentation.

The associated logging and display system will allow the drilling process to be analysed from a drilling engineering perspective.

DrillPro Features Include:
  • Configurable Depth Measurement Logic to handle encoders mounted on the draw-works or crown and gseolograph style hookups using switched or level pulse signals
  • Heave compensation monitoring is available with encoder input being received from the riser and compensator.
  • Well Geometry displays used to drive hydraulic calculations.
  • Facilitates entry of mud rheology values as required to calculate system pressure drops.
  • Allows up to three totalisers in any combination each with its own pit volume change set-point control. Up to 32 tanks are currently catered for and any pit sensor can be applied to any totaliser.
  • Allows selection of Bingham Plastic or Power Law models.
  • Facility to define pump characteristics and to calculate the total output.
  • Lag Depth Calculations supported.
  • Sets up the off bottom depth where the system will automatically switch to trip mode.
  • Lag system can be initialized at any time when the operator wishes to update the percentage washout factor. Lagged differential values can also be selected here. The "bottoms-up" time is continuously updated in terms of time, volume and total pump strokes.

Keywords: Acquisition Software, data acquisition, data acquisition software, Display System, Oil And Gas

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