Intact Software - Accounting and Business Management Software for smart businesses

Intact Software - Accounting and Business Management Software for smart businesses from Intact Software

By: Intact Software  30/04/2010
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Intact Software is a fully integrated accounting and business management software package developed over 18 years.  It is tailored to suit the tasks and activities of your business.  We can do this because of the level of functionality within our package.  Our priority is to work with you to define your specific needs, assess your current processes and implement the necessary package to suit your present and future needs. 

It's future-proof
Intact is one package, but it is used very differently by many companies.  We offer a standard package with the freedom to add to it if and when required i.e. with new features or modules. 

If a process/feature is not included in the software we have a PCR facility (Program Change Request) for customers to avail of.  This allows customers to specify what additional feature(s) they want in the package and our development team will develop it for them.  Modifications can range from cosmetic changes to complete module specifications.  As we maintain a single product, every modification is included in the main software (usually controlled by a configuration setting).  The benefit to users is that new features are always being added to Intact. 

It's fully integrated across your business
Intact is a fully integrated package which means all applications, both accounting and business management, are part of the same package.  This means all transactions/activities of a business are integrated seamlessly, you have complete audit trails and a shared contact database. 

A fully integrated package, like Intact, reduces the need for numerous third party applications to be bought e.g. CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), credit control facilities, stock management features plus others.  These features are all available within Intact and work seamlessly together.

It makes your life easier
Within the package, we strive to make complex processes simple so that it is easy to use and intuitive.  Our customers find that in no time at all they have a fair handle on the program.  The software has also been created to give access to vital information with minimal effort to help staff/management work more efficiently.

About us

We have a very talented group of staff members who are passionate about what they do and strive to get the company to where it wants to be.  We have created a very powerful software package which is unique in the way it can be tailored to each customer’s individual requirements.  We have an excellent customer retention rate because we keep the software up to date with their latest needs and wants. 

Intact Software Features Include;

    * Financial ledgers
    * Sales & Purchase Order Processing
    * Stock Control
    * Management Accounts
    * Point of Sale/ePOS
    * Quotations
    * Credit Control
    * Bill of Materials
    * Messaging & Task Manager
    * Report Generator
    * Data Drill
    * Form Designer
    * Timber Sales
    * Advice Notes

Intact Software Optional Modules;
    * Job Costing
    * E-Commerce
    * Stock Item Images
    * Stock by Size
    * Mobile Warehouse (handheld devices)
    * inVision (live links to Excel)
    * Loyalty Cards
    * Time Recording
    * Serial/Batch Tracking
    * EDI (Electronic Data Interchange
    * SDK (Software Developers Kit)
    * Tile Distribution
    * Document Scanning
    * Machine Service
    * Timber Sales
    * Fixed Asset Register
    * Production Scheduler
    * Cash Point
    * Works Order Processing
    * PDA Enable
    * Sub-Contractors
    * CRM/SRM
    * Signature Capture

What makes Intact Different?

Powerful solution
– Intact has been evolving over 18 years & keeps growing to keep up with changing customer needs.

Unmatched flexibility – We tailor the software to focus on what you want it to do for your business.

Exceptional functionality - With the degree of functionality available in our software, you shouldn't have to change your processes to suit our software.

Ease of use – We strive to make complex processes look simple so we’ve developed Intact to be easy to use & intuitive.

Quick access to real-time data – We don't want you to miss out on any opportunities. We ensure access to vital information is done with minimal effort. 

Full integration – Intact is a fully integrated system giving you the visibility & control you need to efficiently run your business. 

Superior Support Services – It is our goal to provide you with a superior level of support to ensure you get the best from your software.

Sophisticated report generator – It is easy to get the information you need from Intact when you have the ability to design your own reports.

Built to last - Intact is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its customers.  New modules & features are added to the core product regularly.

Competitive advantage – Think of a way to out-smart your competitors?  Get the Intact development team to fine-tune your package to get you that competitive edge. 

Prompt development time – Our in-house development team can turnaround changes faster than any of our competitors.

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