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By: Vcl  05/12/2011
Keywords: planning applications

Structural & Civil Design. Planning Applications. Pre-purchase survey. Site evaluation. Snag list. Commercial/industrial development. Drainage and watermain analysis and design. Structural surveys. Dilapidation survey. Defect analysis. Project supervision

Structural & Civil Design

VCL Consultants utilise both manual and computer methods for structural analysis and design of our various projects. This is probably the area where we would excel and we pride ourselves on producing the most cost effective and efficient structural solution on each project utilising the various materials available masonry, concrete, steel and timber.

Planning Applications (Individual & Scheme Residential)VCL Consultants have been involved with residential developments since our inception varying from large scale multi unit residential developments down to single dwellings and extensions to existing dwellings. Our philosophy in relation to residential developments is that the development should be designed with the end user in mind. This could impact on both the internal layout for the use and enjoyment of the building and the landscaping for a multi unit development to allow useable, accessible and beneficial open space coupled with the most effective use of land to maximise the developments potential.We are unfazed by complexities of structures and have the necessary tools and experience to analyse and design the variety of structural elements used in modern construction.

Pre-Purchase Survey

Pre-Purchase surveys are normally carried out before a final decision is made on whether or not to purchase a property. This report should generally serve twin roles confirming all visible defects on accessible surfaces or under the surfaces if identifiable and serving to alert buyers for potential hidden defects which may be present.

Site Evaluation

As part of our suite of services VCL will evaluate any site whether already owned or intended to purchase to consider the advantages and difficulties which may be encountered in the development of that site. We can also provide advice on the most appropriate development of this site with schematics and visualisations.

Snag List

A snag list comprises of an examination of finished work to identify remaining defects on the property prior to signing contracts or issuing final payment.

Commercial/Industrial Development

VCL Consultants have considerable experience in relation to Commercial and Industrial Development. VCL work with the Developer, Planning Authority and potential end user in order to achieve a superior standard of Commercial Development which is both cost effective and highly marketable.

Drainage and Watermain Analysis and Design

Using our extensive experience and expertise in this area VCL can carry out a full design and detailed package for drainage and watermain elements of a project.

Structural Surveys

A Structural Survey is normally deemed necessary when a Pre-Purchase Survey or Snag List identifies a potential underlying threat to the building. VCL has the expertise to investigate, follow though and research any potential difficulties with buildings or structures and to recommend the most appropriate remedial actions if that perceived difficulty becomes a reality.

Dilapidation Survey

A Dilapidation Survey is an inspection of an existing structural condition of the surrounding building before the commencement of a demolition, construction or development. All prominent defects in the form of cracks, settlement, water seepage, corrosion or reinforcement, subsidence and other buildings defects will be recorded in photographs together with notes.A post construction condition survey will highlight any building defects that have occurred (or caused by the construction works) since the first survey or after a construction.

Defect Analysis

This would be similar to a structural survey except that unlike a structural survey which would consider a complete building a defect analysis would involve investigating a known defect and analysing the potential for that defect to cause distress to the building structure and recommending the most appropriate remedial actions.

Project Supervision

Most projects large or small require some level of project supervision. VCL are highly experienced in providing this service. Project Supervision can constitute periodic visits to the site to inspect the progress of the main contractor or intense presence onsite and liaison with the developer or liaison with the contractor to ensure the proper completion of more complex contracts.

Project Management

VCL are happy to be able to offer a further service within our suite of construction services being Project Management. Project Management is essentially taking over the design, tender, supervision and finalisation of a project on behalf of a client. In order to do this VCL insist on interacting closely with the client to ensure that their visions and requirements for the project are fulfilled.

Surveying – Setting Out

Setting out will generally be undertaken using a controlled station setdown in the initial topographical survey in order to accurately position buildings and infrastructure as required by the developer. A topographic survey involves the production of maps and plans which are true to scale. Topographic maps are produced to accurately represent details of both the natural and built environment they will also include symbols representing features or data too small to produce to scale.
Height information is added in most cases as spot heights and feature elevations. This height information is related to a control datum such as ordnance datum or a fixed local datum. Height information is also used to generate contours to provide a better visual representation of the changes in terrain height across the site. We regularly carry out high standard site surveys for our clients. Topographical and site surveys are directed towards planning and design for Architectural and Engineering purposes. Precise control networks are established using totalstation survey techniques.

Keywords: planning applications