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By: Parish Development  05/12/2011
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What we offer

Parish Development Support Programme allows parishes to contract out a portion of their workload to competent pastoral workers/consultants.  These pastoral workers offer the following services;

Assisting priests, parish pastoral councils, individuals, groups and congregations Reviewing, planning, advising, resourcing, training and supporting. Providing training for ministry, parish secretaries, treasurers, pastoral council members, those involved in pastoral care and other pastoral committees in a wide range of activities relevant to parish pastoral development, management and areas of financial sustainability. Arranging  parish review, resource days,  building ministry teams, worship development, weekend conferences, coordinating leader training and local ministry development.  

How we work

With the decreasing number of priests and increasing workloads, many parishes are in urgent need of a particular piece of work to be undertaken. This may be the desire to formulate a pastoral plan with the Pastoral Council, it may be to brainstorm ways of renewing the community or raising money, or training people for ministry.  Whatever the task, pastoral consultants offer you a way to achieve your goal on a project by project basis.   We can also look at a retainer fee for long term work to get a particular ministry working effectively or to assist in a formation process. Fees are charged on an agreed basis with the individual parishes.  Note: It is hoped that as the concept of pastoral consultancy develops and the need for it is realised within parish, that funding will be made available from diocesan sources for such necessary development expenditure. 

Pastoral or Organisational?

The support offered can be either specifically pastoral and ministry based or it can be organisational and developmental in nature, or indeed it could be both. Our people have a wide range of experience and qualifications gained across pastoral and business sectors. The following pages will give some indication to the many areas in which we can offer support.

Keywords: Parish Development