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By: Inventory  05/12/2011
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Our Services Inventory’s programs offers a way of streamlining and reducing expenditure. Management of ProjectsEach client is allocated a specific Project Manager to manage the planning and implementation of both Turnkey and annual Audit projects. Turnkey ProjectsFor organisations that either do not have a detailed Lists of Assets, or have little confidence in the one they have, Inventory can perform a full location audit and set up a factual Lists of Assets for each location. Data MigrationIn cases where a large proportion of accurate asset information exists in other formats such as spreadsheets or older versions of MS database, migration may be practical. Inventory will import such data for you. ReconciliationThe difficulty of keeping track of some Fixed Assets has led many organisations to make no attempt to record assets under a certain value. The total value of these ‘invisible’ assets may well be considerable. In those cases where a List of Assets exists but has been only intermittently maintained, but still holds a proportion of accurate data, reconciliation to the Fixed Asset Register may be practical. Asset ValuationOver time the value of assets is written down in the Annual Accounting process but they still may have a significant value to the organisation, and therefore should be appropriately insured. Inventory uses the most common method of valuation of Gross Current Replacement Cost (GCRC) for insurance purposes. Updating of Current Replacement CostsDue to the diversity of our client base, both by type and location, we are aware of the most up to date prices being paid for a wide range of items. This allows us to provide accurate up to date replacement costs. Optimum Procurement SourcesThe number and range of suppliers to our clients, provides us with a particular insight into value for money information. Annual Audit ServiceEach year our clients rely on Inventory to provide them with a comprehensive report on the existence, location, and condition of individual items in their List of Assets. This annual audit is a core element of FAST, and if required can include a full reconciliation with the Fixed Asset Register. Reporting StructuresAll reports are provided on CD.
Inventory provides a wide range of built-in reports all designed to facilitate financial management. However if a client requires a specific format, then customised reports can be provided. Tag and Barcode labelsInventory can supply a variety of labels to suit particular environments.
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Keywords: Fixed Asset Register