Dog Shop| Dog Bowls: Water Bowls, Food Bowls, Non Slip

By: Equipet  05/12/2011

A dog's bowl is one of his constant companions and favourite places to hang out! A good dog bowl should be easy to clean, long lasting and tidy: the bowl should have firm grips to make sure that it doesn't slop all over the house! Because all dogs are different we stock a range of bowls and feeders including raised bowls which are great for large dogs or dogs with delicate skeletal structure.

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Dog Shop| Dog Treats: Plaque Busters, Pedigree Dentastix

Treats such as Pedigree Dentastix ara a great to help your dog's dental health while a treat used at the right time can be used in dog training to encourage good behavior. We all love a treat from time, something sweet to perk up our day; you'll know as a dog owner how your best buddy perks up when there's a treat to be found. Dog treats are a fantastic way to get those tails wagging and bond with your pet. Make your dog's life a treat.