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By: Alcolock  05/12/2011
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The Alcolock 500 has been developed to assist in the prevention of drink driving by combining the technology from two of the worlds leading companies in their own fields- Alcohol Breathalyser technology from Lion Laboratories and Automotive Electronics from PFK Electronics.

It has been given European and UK government approval and is used by police officers throughout the world.

The breathalyser can be handwired or wirelessly linked to the immobiliser and can be preset to accommodate zero alcohol company policy up to legal limits.
Every time a sample is taken it records date, time and alcohol level in the breath.

- Can Alcolock Store Data?

Alcolock can store 4000 recordings in both the immobiliser and the breathalyser. They can be read from the handset or can be downloaded onto a computer. The recordings in the Alcolock are their as a back up and can only be downloaded by an Alcolock technician.

The recordings give details of date, time and alcohol level.

- How is the system powered?

The immobiliser is powered by the vehicle. The hand wired breathalyser is permanently powered by the vehicle electrical system, whereas the wireless option is powered from a rechargeable battery. The battery is charged from a 12v supply and once charged should last for 6 months without a re-charge.

- Are there temperature limitations for the Alcolock to operate in?

The Alcolock 500 has been developed to meet European standards and the temperature range for it to work in is -40c to + 70c.

- Will the Alcolock system fail if certain medicines are used?

If medicines are used as prescribed they should not affect the system. If the medicines do result in a fail then the likelihood is that the driver is not in suitable state to drive anyway.

Under extreme and concentrated conditions items containing small amounts of alcohol such as mouth wash will result in a fail, but on a second attempt a driver will get a pass.

- Can one breathalyser communicate with more than one immobiliser?

The system can be set up so that one breathalyser can communicate with 8 immobilisers or vice versa, so it is possible to have 8 breathalysers all communicating with one immobiliser.

- Can the alcohol level to be adjusted?

The alcohol level can be set from almost zero up to the Drink Drive limit. This is set by Alcolock in accordance with our clients requirements. It is recommended that you read the ‘Alcohol in your Body Section’ to understand the implications of where the level should be set.

- Do I have to blow into the Alcolock every time I start the vehicle?

The normal factory default setting is 30 minutes, so if the vehicle is turned off within 30 minutes it can be turned straight back on but if you try it after 31 minutes it will require another breath sample. The interval time is set by Alcolock at installation and can be anywhere between 3 mins and 3 hours.

- I have multiple drivers using a single vehicle during each shift. How will this work?

During installation a driver change over button will be installed on the dash board. It resets the system so the next driver has to blow into the breathalyser to start the vehicle and the change over is logged on the data recorder.

- Will my drivers require any training?

The Alcolock is easy to use and drivers require about 15 minutes training. This is usually undertaken when the system is fitted.

If you have a fleet of vehicles we would be happy to attend a n open traioning day for all of your drivers to attend around their other work commitments.

- Does the system nee calibrating or servicing?

The breathalyser needs to be calibrated every six months.

This is normally part of a warranty service we offer and either an engineer will visit you to recalibrate the system, or if appropriate to yourself the handset will be collected and returned within 48 hours.

There is a 12 monthly service required and again this is part of the warranty and an engineer will visit you for this.

Sensor Electro Chemical Fuel Cell
Specificity Only reacts to Alcohol
Temperature Range -40 to +70 c
Power Up Time 15 seconds to open the handset
Analysis Time 5 to 20 Seconds
Automatic Switch Off After 5 minutes
Calibration Interval Every 6 months
Handset Dimensions 125 x 60 x 26 mm
Handset Weight 130 gram inclusive of battery
Power Suitable for 12v and 24v
Handset powered by own battery with vehicle charger
Power Consumption 20mA
Relay Capacity 30A Continuously
Safety Override in cases of emergency
Memory Capacity 4000 Samples
Driver Change Retest Retest Push Button available when drivers are changed mid-journey
System Status Highly visible Red LED to indicate system status
Approvals E Mark-EEC95/54 and 95/56
CE Mark- EN50081-2, EN 50082-2
Support System 24/7 Telephone Support Service

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