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By: Qhc  05/12/2011
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The hotel and hospitality consultancy services on offer are designed to find areas within your business where savings and cost reductions can be made and where revenues from existing, and new, market sources can be increased.This includes a complete review of the company's business plan.

Assignments are usually over 2 days with each assignment including an overnight on the premises. Thus the whole customer experience is undergone, from check-in to check-out, products are sampled and service is witnessed and evaluated first hand. It is from this experience that the prevailing attutude within the business can be assessed. It is a well documented fact that the attitude of the person providing service can have a detrimental impact on the experience of the person receiving that service. A prevailing bad attitude can kill a business, as guests will not want to return.

Following this a detailed analysis of the entire financial function, from both a revenue and a cost perspective, is undergone to highlighted areas where profitability can be increased by increasing margins and reducing costs. This will also include a review of the major cost overheads, and find areas where savings can be made.

A review of the sales & marketing function and programmes is also undertaken. This will involve an anaylsis of current markets that are being targeted and other markets that will be potential revenue sources, with suggestions made and opportunities highlighted, particularly in the area of internet marketing and social media.

At the conclusion of each assignment a comprehensive and practical report is produced that will show areas where savings can be made and revenues increased thus driving up profitability and generating a greater return on investment.

On going advisory services are also provided ensuring that the recommendations outlined in the report are followed through, with the implementation of Action Plans across the areas of the business.

Tailored service audits can also be carried out, without the financial and sales & marketing element. The report will also include observations made on the service delivery to other guests and general observations on areas like housekeeping, staff demeanour, portion sizes etc. 

QHC also has extensive experience in drawing up Business Plans, including full financial projections, not just for Hospitaity Businesses and can provide assistance and advice that will enable your business to raise that vitally needed finance.

In addition to the above QHC also offers a Litigation Advisory Service where all claims, or potential claims, made against the business will be reviewed and suggestions made to ensure the reduction in exposure, or occasionally, the elimation of the claim altogether. This can also lead to reductions in insurance premiums.

Keywords: hospitality consultants, marketing