Domain Registration Hosting

By: Wren Innovations  05/12/2011

Whether you are looking for a .com or a .ie domain let us help you.

We can carry out a the research to see what is available and then make the necessary steps to register the domain for you.

Please note that to register a .ie domain there are some requirements that needs to be met;

Category 1: Personal Name


The applicant must provide documentary evidence of the applicant’s
legal name: e.g., a copy of the applicant’s passport or birth

Domain Options:

* Personal names must consist of the initial letter from each of two
or more of the words which comprise the legal personal name of the
applicant, in the order in which these words occur in the name, followed
by any two digits to be requested by the applicant. As an example, John
Citizen could register

Category 2: Corporate Name

An Incorporated Company can register a domain name to reflect their
corporate name. A Company can register multiple different domain names
in this category. Only a company can have a corporate name and therefore
only a company can register a domain name in this category.


A Company applying under this category need only include their company number in the application.

If the company is incorporated outside of Ireland, specifically UK or
US, the company number must be included in the application. All
applicants from any other country must submit a copy of the company’s
certificate of incorporation.

Domain Options:

* An applicant can add words to their registered company name to form a domain name.

* An applicant can register domain names that have a reasonable
connection with their business. In this case the IEDR deems a reasonable
connection to be a product or service of the company.

* An abbreviation of the corporate name may be used instead of the full corporate name.