By: Pc Doctor Ardee  05/12/2011

Our company offers a wide range of services from sales of new PCs and Laptops to service and repairs of existing equipment for both home and business customers.

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Custom Built PC’s

This can be hard to judge sometimes on CPUs and video cards, but it is easy to check on memory and hard drives.* Features: Most computer users don’t need exotic hardware like a physics card or TV tuner, but there are items that almost everyone can use. If you do want a window, remember that they will almost always be on the left side of the system – so if the left side would be up against a wall or desk then it won’t be visible.


Laptop Chargers

Great customer service and excellence quality chargers PC Doctor has earned a brilliant reputation and will work hard to attend your needs. We would advise that you buy laptop chargers that have the correct ampage and voltage in which your laptop requires. Universal laptop chargers may not suit your laptop needs hence damaging you laptop and effecting its performance. If you have a broken laptop charger we will replace it with a new one.