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By: Looked After Call  05/12/2011
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It is recognised that it is often expensive to take a holiday during school breaks and that is why some parents may ask for term-time leave for their child. It is also recognised that some parents may ask for leave for their child for religious or personal reasons and that they are not just taking their child out of school for a 'holiday'.

The main problem that has been established is that parents and their children may not return from their term time leave on the date that has been agreed by their school. This can be for a variety of reasons, for example, flight delays. In some instances the children do not return back to school at all.

All of this can affect a Local Authorities attendance figures, that is why Term Time Tracker was developed to help manage extended holiday absence occurrences.

Keywords: School

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The Local Authority has access to online, real time reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, showing Excluded Students, Absent Students, Schools with no Marks, Persistent Absentees and Pupils awaiting Placement. Schools that have Looked After Children both within and outside the boundaries of the Local Authority are shown online, including the number of children within each school and editable details for each child.


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Looked after Call automates the current manual process in monitoring and reporting on Looked After Children which could save an authority thousands of pounds each year. Within the cost of the Looked After Call system we include training and technical support, delivered over the phone and online, or training in person. Looked After Call ensures attendance of Looked After Children is easier to monitor in and out of borough.