Tonwerk Storage Stoves

By: Smartheat Ltd  22/04/2010
Keywords: Sustainable Energy, heating systems, Underfloor Heating

 A Tonwerk Heat Storage Stove will provide a long-lasting, comfortable warmth and a constant, radiant heat – depending on the type more than 12 hours with just one single load of wood.
Due to the storage core and gradually released heat it is almost impossible to overheat your
room – this being the big drawback of conventional stoves.

The low surface temperature prevents the air from circulating and stirring up particles of dust, dust mites, bacteria and viruses – an important consideration for children and those with allergies.
Each Tonwerk Storage Stove can be connected to an external air supply in order to get a perfect room climate.
Its award-winning design provides an attractive visual focus and adapts to any style, be it classic or modern.
As a comfortable heating system on its own, the centre of your roomy home or as an elegant solution for small spaces (i.e. in a bathroom, under a sloping roof, etc.), there is just the right Tonwerk Storage Stove for your needs. 

Keywords: central heating, heating systems, Sustainable Energy, Underfloor Heating