Thermal Imaging-Infrared

By: Smartheat Ltd  23/04/2010
Keywords: Energy, Underfloor Heating, Ber Assessors


Thermal Imaging of Building Fabric

Uncontrolled heat loss and gain through the walls and roof of a building is no longer acceptable. 
It leads to excessive use of fuel causing pollution and increased CO2 emissions.
Irish and European regulations have been tightened up so that not only must good insulation be
designed and specified, but achievement of required performance and the quality of installation must be proved.

In short, the benefits of infrared Thermography are: 

  • Quick inspection                                              
  • The results are easily shown visually
  •  It identifies the areas of leakage
  •  It shows thermal insulation defects
  •  It can be used to show efficiency of heating and cooling installations

Keywords: Air Tightness, Ber Assessors, Energy, Energy Assessors, Energy Audits, Underfloor Heating