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By: Longford Women's Link  05/12/2011

What we mean by Migrant         …

Anyone who has migrated into County Longford. Women may come from EU States, Africa, South America, Eastern Europe, North America and Asia


Catkin’s on the Move

Training Courses

See also our Global Harmonies workshops (link to this page)

Domestic Violence Service

Information & Appropriate Referrals

We provide accurate information on a range of subjects for migrant women in Longford. This service is provided by appointment and it is possible to speak with one of our workers through Russian & Polish languages.

This service can include information on:

  • How different organisations and state services work in Ireland
  • Accessing Rights & Entitlements
  • Conditions to Qualify for Habitual Residency
  • Filling out forms and application
  • Links into additional support & information
  • Courses, training, events and groups

Issues that effect migrant women are brought to local and National forums. 

We believe in inclusion, integration & richness of culture

Links to Other sources of specialised support..

Useful Contact Details:

Akidaw, African Women’s Network

Refugee Information Service

Crosscare Migrant Project

Immigrant Council of Ireland

Irish Council for Civil Liberties

Irish Refugee Council

Migrant Rights Centre Ireland

Reception & integration Agency

Work Permit Call Centre

Citizens Information Centres (CICs)

Crisis Pregnancy Agency

Tel. 01-814 6292

Dept. of Education

Dept. of Enterprise, Trade and Employment

Dept. of Foreign Affairs

Dept. of Justice, Equality & Law Reform, Immigration and Citizenship

Dept. of Social and Family Affairs

Equality Authority

Equality Tribunal

Free Legal Advice Centre (FLAC)

Garda Racial and Intercultural Unit

Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB)

Tel. 01-6669193

Homeless Persons Unit, Health Boards

Tel. 1800 724 724 to get information if you are outside Dublin.
For Dublin, contact No Fixed Abode Unit (part of Asylum Seekers Unit), Tel. 01-858 5100

International Organisation for Migration (IOM)

Integrating Ireland

Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU)

Irish Council for Overseas Students (ICOS)

Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority (IFSRA)

Labour Court

Legal Aid Board

National Employment Rights Authority (NERA)

Rape Crisis Centre

Rights Commissioner,

Lo-Call 1890 201 615

Other products and services from Longford Women's Link


Childcare - Longford Women's Link

It is a fundamental principle of the scheme that the pre-school year is available free to parents, and all participating services are obliged to meet the costs of the free pre-school year out of the capitation fees. As part of the April 2009 Budget, the Government announced a new programme to provide for a free Pre-School Year in Early Childhood Care and Education with effect from January 2010.


Services - Longford Women's Link

We hope to continue to develop our existing work, while remaining flexible and responsive to the new and emerging needs of women and their families. The things we do at Longford Women’s Link are varied and subject to change (as all services are dependant on ongoing funding). What we do here is in response to the needs of women locally. Please navigate to your desired area on the left.


Mobile and Relief Childcare - Longford Women's Link

On-site Childcare Catkins on the Move, Mobile Childcare Solutions aims to Remove Barriers to Participation for parents by providing childcare solutions that are: - Short Term - High Quality - Flexible This is achieved through an on-site Crèche. Providers of on-site childcare for all your events and Providers of Relief Childcare Staffing Solutions in order to help crèches meet staff/child ratios during unavoidable staff absences.


Counselling - Longford Women's Link

Longford Womens Link offers a confidential services, which provides women with the opportunities to explore their inner self and find a way through any difficulties they may be experiencing. To cover some of these costs, there is a sliding scale of fees based on income. Problems relating to money, work, health.


Violence Against Women - Longford Women's Link

We can see the devastation caused by the crime of violence against women in their homes and understand how dangerous it can be for some. We make sure we are up to date on relevant information and training to be the best support workers we can be. If she has children or people depending on her we do the best we can to support her to keep them safe also.