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By: Logic Melon Ireland  05/12/2011


There are many different reports that are available within MyPosting, whereby you can spot trends to use to your advantage in a competitive market place, from which job board is supplying you with the best quality applications to who in your company is spending the most on advertising.

If its graphs you like or the raw data really does it for you, both are displayed to be utilised as you see fit. If there’s a report we don’t have or you want several pieces of information in one report, just let us know and we will do our best create that report especially for you.


If you’re looking to see the job board that has supplied you with the most responses or the recruiter that has received the most applications then MyTracking is the product for you.

You may be looking to see which job boards are actually working for you and which aren’t.

So by seeing the average ratio of applications can really help you in your job board choices, as there may be job boards that you receive far more applications, however never place anybody from them.

Can you afford to keep posting to those types of job boards?

To see a full range of our reporting suite why not have a demo or free trial.

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