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By: Lockaway Storage  05/12/2011

I was able to store my college student's dorm things over the summer so they'd be their when she returns next semester.

I am using Lockaway Storage to store a motorcycle.

I inherited too much furniture from relatives. Now we will be able to use our garage for the car.

I moved!

  • B. Sullivan Bill Sullivan Enterprises, Hollywood

I moved here from New Mexico and am staying with friends. Lockaway Storage gave me the space to store my stuff until I need it.

I needed a storage for a short-term period in between moving from one town to another. Richard helped me choose the right size storage unit and made every effort to help me during my business with Lockaway.

Lockaway Storage helped make my move easier.

Lockaway Storage helped us increase our available space by giving us a place to put our extra furniture.

Lockaway Storage helped us make more space in our garage.

  • John . J, Sr., retired, Vancouver

Lockaway Storage helped us recover our garage space.

I moved my family cross country; Lockaway Storage gave me a place to store our stuff until our arrival.

My life wasn't cluttered, but Lockaway Storage helped me preserve me antique automobiles.

  • Steve K, Intellution, Santa Ana

My stuff is packed nicely and ready to go when I need it.

My wife and I just purchased a travel trailer and had no place to store it in our neighborhood -- until we found Lockaway Storage.

  • Russell A, Frontier Aluminum, Riverside

We needed to keep packed moving boxes out of the way, so we stored them at Lockaway Storage until I moved.

We emptied out our garage by moving boxes to Lockaway Storage

We had lots of boxes taking up value space in our small living area until we found a home for them at Lockaway Storage.

I'm storing my boat in a safe, dry space at Lockaway Storage

  • Dan T, American Leak Detection, Fremont

I'm storing my stuff near the campus while I go home for summer vacation.

We're in between houses. Lockaway storage is giving us a place to store our stuff while we move. Temporary storage of household between houses.

The items we stored are from our son in the service. He had a deadline to move everything stateside. There is no way we could store his stuff at home, so Lockaway Storage was the next best thing.

We are in a move to a new house that will not be finished till the end of June. Our old house is sold and we have to move now. Fortunately we were able to find a temporary home for our belongings at Lockaway Storage.

We are really organized now that we have additional space at Lockaway Storage.

  • C Forster, M3 Marketing, Riverside

Lockaway Storage gave us more space to run our business.

  • RC Wellington, Great Health Products, Riverside