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By: Lir-solar  05/12/2011

The first stage in any installation is to determine the exact needs of your facility. Lir-Solar can arrange a full independent audit of your heating and hot water usage and will use this information to specify, design and install a bespoke solution to match your exact requirements.

On completion of the initial audit Lir-Solar will provide a complete design, supply and installation service of our solar thermal system which will optimise the available space, orientation and architectural preferences.

If, like many business today, you have already commissioned an independent audit of your energy demands and usage then Lir-Solar can analyse these results and design a solar thermal system to optimise your demand criteria.

Where planning is a consideration for the mounting of the solar array then Lir-Solar’s in house team are well positioned to prepare an application on your behalf.

Lir-Solar offer over quarter of a century of expertise in design supply and installation of commercial solar thermal systems.

Integration of a solar thermal system into a new build at design phase is straight forward as space and the routing of pipe work can easily be planned into the construction drawings. However, with increasing demand on older buildings to improve their energy efficiency the retro fit of a substantial solar array can prove problematic.

Lir-Solar has developed the unique “Energy Pod”. This completely self contained unit houses all of the plumbing and control mechanisms for the solar thermal array. The pod itself is designed to fit onto standard road transport and be craned into place in just a few minutes. The supply and return from the solar field is then plugged into a manifold on the delivery side and similar connections are made on the output side into the existing heat system. Once a single 240v supply is connected the installation is complete.

The outside of the Energy Pod is clad with a suitable material to match the existing building to make sure that it blends in with the existing appearance of the building.