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By: Liquid Ice Design  05/12/2011
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Web design

Today everybody owns a website, but not all appreciate what a strong web presence can do for your business. It can help you to establish your brand, communicating with a large number of potential customers, generating many leads every month, easily reaching markets abroad, decreasing your company running costs, increasing its efficiency and much more. Proper use of design can help you achieve all of that in just a few months, but be careful, as inappropriate design can be strongly counterproductive. So what are you waiting for? Go to our contact page to arrange an informal chat about how Liquid Ice Design can be of assistance.

Web development

At Liquid Ice Design our programmers, with different backgrounds, collaborate to insure that we are in possession of the necessary knowledge required to untangle ourselves from the multiplicity of languages and platforms available on the web. We like to bring into play the latest technologies, from PHP to AJAX, XML and SQL, to develop every application at the top of its true potential. Real estate, recruitment agencies, hotels, restaurants and all sorts of businesses can benefit from an online application. Call Liquid Ice Design now to discuss your requirements.


At Liquid Ice Design we believe that your website has to work for you, and not the other way around, by automating tasks, saving time and enabling you to easily update your site at any time, without facing additional costs from the web agency. This is the reason why we are among the few companies that offer a CMS (Content Management System) at no extra cost with every web package, allowing you to take control of your website anytime anywhere. No additional software is required, it runs in any browser and it is easily scalable to any project. Although, if not implemented correctly, a CMS could have a negative impact on your online marketing campaign, therefore you need to be sure you rely on the hands of experts, who know how to integrate harmoniously the different components of your online strategy. Liquid Ice Design can do that for you.

E-commerce solutions

Many factors contribute to help you achieve your goals when setting up an online store. A personalised website, purchase suggestions and special offers may go some of the way to replace the face-to-face human interaction found at the traditional point of sale. Liquid Ice Design will help you control the customer’s total experience through your new online store, the only possible way to gain his/her trust and satisfaction. Our selling platform has been designed also with the store owner in mind, as it automates a series of tasks that otherwise would be extremely time consuming and difficult to accomplish. You can easily change the supported language, currency or payment method; add or remove products and details; distribute coupons or contact your customers through newsletters to build long lasting relationships. All at the touch of a button! Call us now and see how we can help you set up a profitable e-commerce business.

Database integration

Databases are used in many websites, spanning virtually the entire range of web applications. Databases are the preferred method of storage for multi-user applications, where coordination between many users is needed. Whether it is an e-commerce store, forum, discussion board or any other type of dynamic application, the flexibility databases provide could be an essential factor in the efficiency of your company. Our experts can help you find the most painless method of database employment, while covering all vital issues such as data security and migration.


Wireless is the next wave. People love staying on the cutting edge, and nowadays millions of web pages are being pulled from mobile phones and connected PDAs. Unfortunately, pages designed to be read on computer screens often end up looking a mess on handheld devices, discouraging many potential customers. Call Liquid Ice Design to discover how you and your website can stay up to date.

Flash animations


Games? I run a business, I do not have time for playing games…would be the normal reaction. Well, in these days games are playing an important role in marketing campaigns on the web. The so called “viral games” are created with the purpose of attracting the attention of potentially millions of users in a very short space of time, resulting in a huge exposure of your brand and services. Often these simple games have a more complex structure behind them, which is able to retain a lot of interesting details about your potential customers, information that you could use to tweak your marketing strategy. If you think your website does not meet your expectations we can definitely help, so give us a call.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is currently a fundamental tool for online marketing. Nearly all of the traffic on a website is generated via search engines and directories; therefore it is crucial to master the countless techniques to appear at the top of unpaid search engine listings. As not everybody might know, it is not possible to pay in order to get a high ranking on any search engine and there is no straightforward method of doing so. First positions on Google, for instance, are only obtainable through a careful process of optimisation, which consists in writing strategic content and page titles, tweaking keywords and so called “meta tags” and establishing as many incoming links as possible. Do not be fooled by those who promise the unachievable, and note that sponsored and paid listings (top and right side highlighted entries) may not be the best option in the long run. Liquid Ice Design can be a strategic ally for your online marketing campaigns.

E-mail newsletters

E-mail marketing is one of the most efficient and cost effective tools available to a website owner, although in recent times its overuse has brought up a negative side such as spam - intrusive illegal untargeted mail. The trick to benefit from all its potential is to develop a simple strategy in order to get the customers, who are sincerely interested in your products, to sign up for an informative newsletter. By doing so, you will avoid damaging the way your brand is perceived and you will establish a long term relationship with your customers, hopefully resulting in an increase of your sales. Liquid Ice Design offers mass mailing software free with every web package.


When working with Liquid Ice Design you are guaranteed the highest level of professionalism as we encompass the use of the latest web technologies (Web 2.0 and Ajax) and the delivered solutions are rigorously compliant with W3C and accessibility standards.

Intranet solutions

Intranet applications have the same functioning of those over the Internet, but they are solely accessible by the staff of your organisation. Intranets can serve as powerful tools for managing resources, accounts and communication within an organization, increasing your employees’ efficiency and ability to collaborate while cutting down time and costs. Furthermore, Intranets are being used to deliver tools and applications, often to facilitate working in groups and teleconferencing, so that working from a distance will no longer be a limitation for your staff. You can then decide to extend your Intranet to Extranet, which differs in that the former is generally restricted to your employees while Extranets can also be accessed by customers or suppliers.

RSS & Podcasting

24/7 project status monitoring

At Liquid Ice Design we always keep the door open for our clients. We avail of a special application which allows you to stay on top of your project at any time and from anywhere. Visit our website and simply log in to monitor the schedule, write on a whiteboard, exchange documents or view the prototype’s screenshots. Liquid Ice Design always values its clients’ input and includes them in the designing stages.

Keywords: games, web development

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