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By: Ubuntu  05/12/2011
Keywords: Sustainable Development, Development Education, Ubuntu Network

Development Education Themes «

Development Education Themes

Ubuntu Network Themes

Ubuntu Network Themes DE and ESD are concerned with building a greater understanding of local and global development – the impact, the issues and the interdependencies, so that we as consumers and global citizens take responsibility for our day-to-day actions. Sustainable development can be seen as either: The areas of interest that are associated with [..]

Theme 1: Development and Underdevelopment

Theme 1: Development and Underdevelopment The term ‘development’ is difficult to define. It is a concept that has evolved over many years – most people agree with it and governments aspire to it. Theories have been derived, yet many approaches have been criticised. In simple terms, development can be defined as change for the better within collectives [..]

Theme 2: Environmental Sustainability

Theme 2: Environmental Sustainability The ‘Environment’ can generally be described as the makeup of our physical surroundings. It includes land, water, air, atmosphere, organic and inorganic matter and living organisms. These elements are intricately interconnected through physical, chemical and biological systems and processes. Throughout our history we have both affected and been affected by our [..]

Theme 3: Human Responsibilities and Responsibilities

Theme 3: Human Responsibilities and Responsibilities This text was adapted from “Fáilte”, Tormey, R and CDU (2003)   One group of which we are all members is the human group. As a consequence of our membership of that group we all share certain rights, as well as the responsibility to protect those rights for each [..]

Theme 4: Discrimination and Equality

Theme 4: Discrimination and Equality This text was adapted from “Fáilte”, Tormey, R and CDU (2003)   In a literal sense, to discriminate simply means to recognise a difference or to make a judgement.   People discriminate all the time, in deciding what food to eat, or who to employ in a job. Where discrimination becomes a [..]

Theme 5: Similarity and Difference

Theme 5: Similarity and Difference This text was adapted from “Fáilte”, Tormey, R and CDU (2003) As Monty Python has pointed out, ‘we are all individuals’, with our own personal history, experiences, wants and needs. At the same time, we are all members of particular social groups, which means that we share some experiences, wants [..]

Theme 6: Conflict and Peace

Theme 6: Conflict and Peace This text was adapted from “Fáilte”, Tormey, R and CDU (2003) Conflict should not be considered negatively – it is a normal part of society. At the same time, problems arise when conflict is not managed well. Sometimes the differences between people become a source of conflict. Disputes in relation [..]

Keywords: Development Education, Sustainable Development, Ubuntu Network

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News & Events «

The Limerick Launch took place at UL in Plassey House and was attended by The Minister of State Jan O Sullivan, Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade with responsibility for. Two events were held to promote the launch of Teaching Global Perspectives- Introducing Student Teachers to Development Education, one in Limerick and one in Dublin.


Dialogue Days «

Ubuntu Network Dialogue Days provide educators and Development Education practitioners with an opportunity to consider, discuss and debate various approaches to integrating Development Education knowledge, skills and attitudes into the teaching–learning experience. Building links between Teacher Education and NGOs: making the relationship work for Development Education 22nd February 2010, St. Angela’s College, Lough Gill, Sligo.



Education for Sustainable Development extends the perspective of Development Education beyond the economic and social views to include the environmental and the importance of maintaining and protecting the planet while meeting our development needs. ESD enables individuals to make personal and collective decisions and to partake in actions that improve or sustain quality of life.


Teaching Resources «

The Ubuntu Network aims to integrate education for sustainable development into initial teacher education in Ireland. Publications to engage initial teacher educators and teachers in exploring a range of Development Education themes. The students worked with the film maker Michael Fortune and the college tutors Kieran Meagher and Maria Finucane.