By: Kneat  05/12/2011

Kneat can be applied to any process described by a set of documents, where information is shared across documents and compliance and data integrity are critical. However, attaining optimal operational success requires superior professional and technical services.

Through our 9 step approach we can have you up and running in a very short space of time.

  • Understand your business processes
  • Standardise your business processes
  • Create a business process roadmap
  • Review current business processes and identify potential enhancements and performance improvements
  • Apply six sigma methodologies to the processes
  • Enhance your deployment with a certified Kneat or partner resource
  • Our Kneat consultants will populate standard setup data and configuration
  • Best practices used to ensure success from the beginning
  • Clean configuration allowing enhanced business processes
  • IT Planning (including capacity and disaster recovery)
  • Installation
  • IQ Verification (if required)
  • Migrate existing documents, templates and data into Kneat
  • Technologies enablers to allow rapid deloyment of documents to Sharepoint or any document management system
  • Verification that the system is running as intended
  • Ensure that all users can use the system efficiently
  • Comfort that support is at hand all the way
  • Review system before go live
  • Migrate from the validated system to the production environment

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Kneat Solutions - Solutions Overview

Project managers are inundated every day with information relating to project issues, but they often lack the tools to manage this information in a manner, which ensures that the project and all its stakeholders stay on track and to plan. Kneat is a paperless solution for automating the generation of construction test packs including online test completion, punchlist management and reporting.