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By: Irema  05/12/2011
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Irema face masks help hospital management reduce the instances of Hospital Acquired Infection and help healthcare physicians to perform in comfort and safety. We share the medical sectors’ commitment to providing the best standards of patient care.

If you are responsible for infection control needing to reduce hospital acquired infections

Surgical facemasks with high filtration standards are a critical component in a hospital’s strategy to protect clinicians and patients from airborne infection. Effective use of high quality masks can help reduce the spread of Hospital Acquired Infections and reduce their cost impact. Irema’s surgical facemasks meet the highest quality standards and we are a trusted supplier to medical professionals through some of the world’s leading hospital suppliers.

If you are a procurement manager looking for the reliable supply of quality facemasks within your budget

For hospitals and their suppliers, the need for readily available surgical face masks is more critical than ever in a global medical market where the frequency of pandemics and airborne contaminants is increasing and unpredictable. So-called ‘x-factor events’ are causing unpredictable demand and hospital buyers need a product that is economical, of the highest filtration efficiency, and which can be readily supplied to meet spikes in demand. Irema provides you with the right solution to meet this need. We are renowned for the quality of our products, our ability to respond to changes in demand, and for our short order fulfillment timelines.

If you are a medical professional looking for patient protection and comfort

With long surgery hours, medical professionals want face masks with the highest levels of filtration efficiency and comfort. Face masks that don’t cause irritation or slip and are comfortable to wear are important to job performance. In evaluation tests during extended uses from 6-8+ hours, hospital staff opt for masks that don’t get in the way of their performance. They recognise the value of high quality inner non-woven masks. Irema’s filter media is specifically designed to be completely smooth resulting in the highest levels of comfort and breathability and the elimination of skin irritation, as well as providing the protection you need.

Keywords: Airborne Contaminants, Face Masks, Filtration Efficiency, Medical Professionals,

Other products and services from Irema


face masks for dentist and dental hygenists | Irema

For dentists, dental nurses, and hygenists, masks continue to be important in your patient protection and, increasingly, are recognized as providing the dental healthcare professional with protection as well. Irema provides face masks for dental health professionals that are designed to provide you with maximum comfort and non-slippage while protecting you and your patients.


High filtration face masks for medical, dental and cleanroom applications

Our face masks are made from approved materials including Irema’s unique non-woven melt-blown polypropylene filter media, ensuring you get a high quality and high performing product you can trust. Irema’s unique melt-blown technology produces fine microfibers that are ideally suited for filtration applications where the removal of airborne contaminants is a priority.


face mask solutions for medical dental cleanroom | Irema

We support our partners with advanced delivery scheduling, a comprehensive partner programme, and specialist advice to ensure that your customers get the product they need. We are a reliable and trusted manufacturing partner and, using lean manufacturing processes, to can meet your supply requirements including unscheduled demand.


face masks for cleanrooms | Irema

If you are responsible for process control in cleanrooms needing to eliminate human contamination, we can provide solutions though our partners to meet your needs. Our cleanroom face masks are used in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Applications, Electronics, Automotive, Medical Device and Food Industries. It is important that the wearer does not remove mask during your processes because of discomfort, which would cause risk of contamination.