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Services Provided « B.C.L. Contracts Ltd.

BCL Contracts Ltd preferred approach is that we are involved at the initial stage of the project with the main contractor, consulting at design/bid stage improving the prospects of the main contractor being awarded the contract, while retaining BCL Contracts Ltd for the installation, product warranties’ and guarantees. We have full cooperation and commitment from our supply chain.

Often projects become extremely complex and budgets may explode, however, with BCL Contracts Ltd ever increasing product range and supply chain, we can resolve that complex design to remain within the budget, while still maintaining the integrity the building, warranties and guarantees.

In compliance with current guidelines, BCL Contracts Ltd are involved with architects in providing solutions for access of existing envelope buildings and other structures to facilitate safe access for maintenance.

Aluminum Perforated Cladding Systems

Rodeca” twin skin polycarbonate roof/wall system

Aluminum Standing Seam roof and Wall facades

Aluminium Standing seam roofing is suitable for both warm and cold roof constructions – any shape including curved and/or tapered, and any pitch from 1.5° upwards.

The system’s low weight, durability, speed of construction and adaptability make it equally suitable for both new build and refurbishment. A standing seam roof can be anything from a simple single-skin solution to a sophisticated high performance system that incorporates integral components and accessories.

Because of its design and manufacturing process, sheet lengths are produced full length avoiding any joints in your roof, if the roof sheet length required is too long to transport, then you bring the solutions to site.

Aluminum Trapezoidal Profile Roof Systems

Aluminum Trapezoidal Profile Roof Systems are the most economical way for closing in a roof area of viewing stands that will remain exposed to the elements at all times both external and internal, whilst still maintaining quality using aluminium materials.

This application is used in the roof areas of both stands in Thomond Park Football Stadium Limerick, and it also incorporates polycarbonate clear light trapezoidal roofing allowing fantastic natural light at all daylight times.

Bitumen based flat roofing

The Paralon Series of high performance, polymer-modified bitumen waterproofing, provides a complete range of membranes for use in modern building and civil construction.

This reliable roof water proofing system has been in use since 1981, and has an excellent reputation for quality and durability. An estimated 15 million square metres of waterproofing has been installed here in Ireland.

Safety Fall Arrest Systems

Contract Maintenance

BCL Contracts Ltd offers contract maintenance for the roofing and cladding elements, ensuring necessity to maintain building warranties and guarantees.

Ensuring all areas are maintained twice a year as is specified upon by most material warranties and ensuring the correct administration is forwarded to the relevant suppliers.

We also offer maintenance of the older buildings preventing water ingress during this ever increasing inclement weather climate. In the case of car park roofing areas which are leaking through wear, tear and expansion, we have sourced a liquid membrane product that is UV and movement resistant.

Bitumen based green roofing

PVC Flat Roofing Systems

PVC Greenroof System

Alkorgreen offers a complete, aesthetic and ecological solution for your green roof.

Alkorgreen is a greenroof system that is as practical for new build as it is for refurbishment projects.

Recently most of the green roofs installed are of the extensive type. Extensive systems tend to use sedum, herbs and mosses. Plants that require minimal upkeep.

Intensive systems are designed with accessibility in mind and may include small trees and bushes. The Alkorgreen system is in principle an extensive green roof system but can be adapted to an intensive and a semi-intensive greenroof system.
The Alkorgreen system also benefits from reduced weight and low maintenance.

Aluminium Trims and Flashing Suppliers including Louvre ventilated Systems

Timber Cladding Facades

Liquid Roofing Solutions

Liquid roofing membranes offer sustainable advantages over traditional roofing materials with a range of systems that can meet varied and differing requirements.

These tough, seamless systems give exceptional durability.

Our liquid roofing membranes can be used on all types of roofs (asphalt, bitumen, mineral felt, asbestos cement, concrete and metal among others).

Lightening Conductor Applications

  • External Building & Structural Protection.
  • Internal Computer and Sensitive Electronic Protection.
  • Equipment Bonding.
  • Earthing.
  • Annual Maintenance of your System.

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