1. Medical Nutrition Therapy & 2. Healthy Eating / Health Promotion

1. Medical Nutrition Therapy & 2. Healthy Eating / Health Promotion from Mid West Dietetic Clinic

By: Mid West Dietetic Clinic  16/08/2011
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1. Medical Nutrition Therapy

Medical Nutrition Therapy is an essential component of comprehensive health care. Individuals with a variety of conditions, illnesses, or nutritional requirements can improve their health and quality of life by receiving medical nutrition therapy.
These conditions include:
• Diabetes
• Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohns & Collitis)
• Gastrointestinal Disorders• Coeliac Disease
• Osteoporosis / Osteopenia• Cardiovascular Disease
• High Cholesterol• High Blood Pressure
• Weight Management for Health
• Sports nutrition

2. Healthy Eating / Health Promotion

Through our lives, our nutritional needs change, and so do our health concerns. For example, the nutritional requirements of a small child, growing and developing rapidly, are very different to that of her father, who may be sitting at a computer at work all day or her grandmother, who may suffer from joint and bone pain. You need not have an illness to benefit form the expert advice of a dietitian at the Mid West Dietetic Clinic.

• In Childhood
• In Adolescence
• In Pregnancy
• For Women
• For Men
• For The Aging

Each life stage will present different dietary challenges and varying health issues that may cause concern at that time. The Mid West Dietetic Clinic can ensure you are educated regarding the right dietary choices, what ever stage in life you are at.

The Mid West Dietetic Clinic provides a comprehensive dietetic service to patients including nutritional assessment, formulation of dietary advice, education for both patients and carers.We adopt a client centered approach and each person is treated on an individual basis.

Your Dietitian will carry out a full nutritional assessment using a Body Composition Analyser which uses the latest Bio-electric Impedance Analysis Technology to measure body weight, percentage body fat and body mass index. A dietary assessment is also carried out. This involves detailed discussion on personal food preferences and habits, frequency of consumption of food groups and assessment of personal nutritional requirements.

Based on these results and/or the presenting clinical condition, a care plan is formulated. The client is educated regarding his/her dietary treatment and an individually tailored dietetic plan is agreed. We will continue to see clients until such time as the dietetic treatment is deemed to be completed and successful.

Corporate Services

The Mid West Dietetic Clinic is available for corporate work and occupational health activity. In an era of increased emphasis on disease prevention, a growing and aging population and public interest in nutrition, the Mid West Dietetic Clinic can tailor make a Corporate Wellness Programme to suit the needs of your company’s employees.

Whether you need Clinical Nutrition and Dietetic Service in your Occupational Health Department or dietetic advice for staff caterers regarding Heart Healthy meals / Low Fat options or accommodating special dietary requirements, the Mid West Dietetic Clinic can provide the nutrition and dietetic expertise necessary.

Dietetic Education for Groups

The Mid West Dietetic Clinic offers bespoke education packages for a wide range of audiences:

• Clinical Nutrition for Nursing Homes
• Nutrition Advice for Sports Teams & Individual Athletes
• Dietetic Advice for Carers and Patients
• Healthy Eating Programmes for Schools
• Nutritional Marketing advice to Food & Drinks Industry
• Presentations to the public or health professionals on Clinical Nutrition and health-related topics

The Mid West Dietetic Clinic provides dietary information based on current scientific data and best practice

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