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By: Limebase  05/12/2011

“The Meaning of Sound, According to You”

From Sydney to San Francisco and from Tokyo to Rio, SoundClouders and enthusiasts are invited to join SoundCloud for global get-together.

Every day we encounter sounds that affect us in many different ways. We use sound to communicate, to connect with people all over the globe, to process information, to express ourselves. We create sounds for the same reasons, sometimes explicitly, sometimes implicitly.

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That jumping and clapping around is a sure way to put a smile on your face. I was listening to them as Hoarsebox and not as This Club. The new single “I won’t worry” rhythm is contagious. Their new pop sound grew on me.


SXSW | Limebase

Mark and Oisin’s voices carry a feeling of both strength and vulnerability and it captures the very essence of the human spirit, the reconciliation of attachment and detachment and the strength that’s found through dark days. Quiet, subtle, beautiful harmonies over acoustic guitars.


Tips for Musicians | Limebase

If you want to become a DJ, you need to invest in equipment that will allow you to learn the art of mixing and to produce your own music. You will need a laptop computer, sound card, speakers, turntables or CD players and/or external controller and DJing software such as or. The choice of music production software is dependable on how you like to work. To compose your music, you can use:,,,, etc. Here are 10 steps for becoming a DJ.