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By: Lila  05/12/2011
Keywords: Healing, feng shui, Pranic Healing

Here is a list of the services we provide & the price. In the present economic climate we barter, if you have a service to offer we are more than will to do a deal.

Pranic Healing,50 Euro a session Reiki Healing,50 Euro a session Feng Shui on homes the average 3 bedroom house is 250 Euro and its 50 Euro a room after that,or business premises, offices etc..price depending on size of business. Feng Shui advice, Pa-Kua Numbers and placement advice.15 Euro. House Energy Clearing from 150 Euro

Pa-Kua numbers 15 Euro:

Each person has a Pa-Kua number which is worked out with their date of birth. This is a good place to start. You can phone and order you Pa-kua number. This will give you some idea of the directions and areas that are good and luck for you. It will also tell you the ones that are not so lucky. For example: Here are a few tips to help you on your way. Each room in the house can be done out to suit each of the people sleeping in it. But the main house plan must be done to suit the bread earner. The sitting room should be done to suit the main earner and each person should try and sit facing their own personal best direction for them. This is only a small thing but would make a big differance. This is the sort of thing we can help you with.

Hand Paintings from 20 euro up:

These hand painting have special meanings Lorraine works on an energy basis and has energy cleared them so they do not carry any negative energy on them,they have been re-energised with pure energy to bring nothing but good luck and pleasure into your life,home and business,therefore they would make the perfect gift for any occasion,weddings,birthdays,christians,engagements,they would be the best type of house warming presents,There is sets etc..

Bio-Energy Healing 50 Euro a session:

This is a healing that is done by working on the energy field around your body this is called your aura.Lorraine was trained in Rathgar in Dublin about 22 years ago and has been learning and working with the energy fields ever since. She first took an interest in this form of healing when she went to get healing herself, and was told she had the ability to take up doing healing, from then she started to study it and took courses and has progressed through the years by studing the effects on the energy fields and on people in general, she has done different types of healing encluding pranic healing all of which work with the energy fields around and through the body.

Pranic Healing 50 Euro a session:

This also works with your aura, and is very effective in many ways. Most people think you have to be sick to get a healing,this is not the case, you can get a healing to clean your aura, in the same way you look after your nails,hair, or even your car,it is very simple you can get a healing and keep your aura clear to prevent illness,just like you clean your house to prevent it form getting too dirty and unruly. You can do the same with a healing.

Reiki Healing 50 Euro a session:

Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-intrusive, hands on healing technique which uses spiritual energy to treat physical ailments without using pressure, manipulation or massage. However, it is much more than a physical therapy. It is a holistic system for balancing, healing and harmonising all aspects of the person, from mind, body and spirit. It can also be wonderful for personal growth and spiritual awareness.

Feng Shui 250 an average 3 bedroom house:

Feng Shui This is all to do with the energy in your house and the direction in which you sleep,sit,study, if you go to FAQ it will explain all about Feng Shui

House Energy Clearing average house 150 euro:

when you feel there is something no right in your house, you can't sleep, you hear sounds, you are afraid, maybe you need your house checked out to see if it needs to be cleared.

Keywords: feng shui, Healing, Pranic Healing