By: Liffeytelecom  05/12/2011

Liffey Telecom

offers its customers a flexible modular based approach to mobile services. Depending on the proposition our customers want to take to market, the relevant modules can be chosen. This flexible approach ensures our customers can go to market with a fast, lean and competitive service.

The following modules are available from

Liffey Telecom


The benefit of using Liffey Telecom as you MNNE provider are:  

Gaining access a end-to-end system in a short timeframe 

  • From mediation and resource management to invoicing and customer care 
  • Partner Business relationships: roaming, interconnect, content 
  • Postpaid and prepaid operations 
  • Limited number of additional business systems and touch points 
  • Can be configured to start-up business requirements 
  • Broad language support (double-byte Asian, Arabic..)    

Assistance in gaining market share 

  • Develop aggressive marketing campaigns 
  • Establish same services for prepaid and postpaid customers 
  • Launch innovative products like content or spending control 
  • Tailored products for business and residential market    

Highly scalable solution:

  • Support increasing customers and processes through scalability of up to 40 million subscribers  
  • Multi-company support for corporate expansion
  • Build loyalty programs to reduce churn 

Securing revenue streams: 

  • Reduce revenue leakage through multiple integration
  • Ensure proper activations and billing through an open customer management interface (CMS)
  • Ensure appropriate customer and partner rating and billing using Real time customer data updates and Production-proven reliability