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By: Level 3 Communications  05/12/2011
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By Business Need

From reliable recovery plans to strategies for propelling your business ahead, your needs are in Level 3’s capable hands. Explore our dedicated approach to solving challenges and learn what our suite of voice, video and data solutions can do for your organization.

The Level 3 Bandwidth Optimizer solution allows you access to the right bandwidth at the right time so you can focus on providing the best gaming experience possible. Deliver fast downloads, stunning graphics, rich game play and secure transactions, even during peak download traffic and flash crowds.

One key to enterprise success is the ability to operate 24 x 7. After all, it’s a global market; business is conducted somewhere at every moment. Our network experts begin by consulting with you. Together, we can map out the best multi-layered solution to help ensure uninterrupted business.

More efficient delivery of applications and resources will obviously help you operate more profitably – that’s the promise of cloud computing. But it’s not so simple. The things that make your business or industry unique also drive which cloud is best for you. We use our networking expertise to bring cloud service providers and users together over a network optimized for your unique needs, without locking you into a solution that won’t evolve with this new technology.

Reduced communications expense. Simplified billing. A proven path for TDM to VoIP migration. We can provide you with call management capabilities that include full-featured routing, IVR and transfer capabilities to help optimize your contact center environment. Together, we can work to support your customers.

You need high-performance delivery of video, secure data and application access inside and outside the walls of your business, and unfailing voice communications. For more than 20 years, Level 3 has been focused on digital communications that create the experience your audience needs and the avenue for productivity your business demands in order to flourish.

Any time you can eliminate redundancies in your business, you do it. Now you can apply that approach to your network. Level 3 Converged Business Networks service provides a cutting-edge solution that merges our video, data and voice services on a single access circuit. We’ll work with you to design a solution that will simplify your business networks, while reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

Your data centers don’t just store your mission-critical data; they provide the foundation from which data and applications are distributed throughout your organization. Not only that, virtualization, computing density and rising storage demands are forcing you to increase performance and capacity. We will collaborate with you to design the appropriate high-availability, network-diverse, Ethernet bandwidth, managed optical or business continuity solutions that best fit your needs and your budget.

Gain enhanced control of your applications with our broad Ethernet portfolio. It’s designed for your growth with global network reach and metro depth. Whether you require public, private, switched, metro, intercity, point-to-point, or multipoint-to-multipoint Ethernet connectivity, your business will find us in the right locations.

Delivering a world-class online experience is critical — it helps drive revenue and increase customer loyalty, especially when today’s online consumers are sophisticated, impatient and unforgiving. The Level 3 High Performing Websites solution improves the speed and performance of your website by as much as 50 percent and increases your conversion rate by up to 7 percent, while offering protection against cyber attacks to help eliminate lost revenues and reputation damage. Only Level 3 offers an end-to-end solution, helping you create an enhanced online customer experience that can result in bottom-line business growth.

Internet Broadcast Elements is a toolbox of services designed to seamlessly integrate multiple Level 3 services to enable an end-to-end solution for delivering high-quality video online with a single provider. Developed to enable a series of end-to-end solutions for content acquisition to distribution over the Internet, delivery options include: live content distribution including occasional use (live events), dedicated (24 x 7) live streaming, on-demand content distribution including streaming and progressive download, download (local playback) and more.

Seconds count, especially when reacting to shifting financial market conditions. Our network provides you with direct links to global financial centers, enabling you to tap data and reduce risks while making decisions that bring big payoffs.

Make sure your employees use your applications as intended with the Smart WAN solution from Level 3. This solution combines next-generation networking technologies with collaborative professional services to help you get your WAN in shape. It includes everything from application-driven design to fully managed WANs. Let your employee focus on growing the business – and not network bottlenecks – by improving your application performance.

Level 3 provides a high-performance, cloud-based transcoding solution that enables broadcasters and content publishers to convert broadcast inputs or existing videos from one format to another. This scalable service is built directly on Level 3’s global network and integrated seamlessly with our other CDN services, meaning your files are transcoded to end users before they are ever delivered.

Unified communications (UC) can help reduce costs, support mobility and application sharing, and enable you to scale telecom along with enterprise expansion. Until now, however, some organizations have been hesitant to adopt UC. Level 3 can help ensure your UC success by leveraging IP convergence and SIP trunking to build a solid foundation – with tangible 'hard' benefits – for your UC solution.

There’s ongoing debate as to whether the Internet may be the greatest technology invention in history. True or not, it’s clear that businesses and content deliverers are using it to speed video, voice and asset transmission. What does this mean to you? Take the next step and start the conversation with Level 3 to learn how you can save money by reducing communications and maintenance costs with a single provider.

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