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By: Leitrim Business Network  05/12/2011


Not only that, but each network member brings other contacts outside of Leitrim to the table, increasing the possibility of meeting new contacts and potential clients/customers. This is one of the key advantages of LinkedIn over traditional business directories.

The network now has over 900 ‘connections’ combined. On Friday last, an INNOVATE client in Omagh asked me for an introduction to 4 different companies he seen on my contact list. YOU SHOULD DO THE SAME – JUST ASK ME. If it is appropriate, then I will make the introduction.

People cannot introduce/recommend you/your business if they don’t know you.


LinkedIn have upgraded their site with some new features and improved usability. Of course t he same reasons for using it still apply:

- When you create a profile on LinkedIn (which is FREE), link to your website, it is another qualified link to help improve your Google search results.

- When you add a new connection, others see that you have – it keeps your name out there.

- People tend to have a browse around and look at their connections’ connections so to speak.

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Share contacts and grow your business - blogging

Look at social news submission sites, content sharing sites, bookmarking, and networking sites and try to get a broad coverage of all of them. The nature of Social Media Optimization is such that it could be considered form of guerrilla marketing.


Share contacts and grow your business - events

On October 20th next, Leitrim County Enterprise Board and the Leitrim Business Network will be hosting a Business Expo in The Landmark Hotel, Carrick on Shannon from 4pm to 7pm. The purpose of the expo is to highlight and promote to consumers and business owners alike, the extensive range and quality of businesses in Leitrim. Please mark payment “Leitrim Business Expo”.


Experience Club - "Share contacts and grow your business

When building your site make sure you have access to it to make changes etc (called a content management system “cms”. Google also have a “webmasters tools” which will show you broken links, short meta tags, missing titles etc. Make sure your URLs are search engine friendly i.e do not contain any question marks. If you are planning to sell or charge online use a secured services e.g Realex.


Share contacts and grow your business - innovation

Garreth felt that for several reasons the most efficient and effective way of doing this would be for a number of small businesses in the county to band together and sell through one dedicated site that would significantly reduce not only the costs involved but also the red tape and importantly the risks.


Leitrim County Enterprise Board - "Share contacts and grow your business

We are offering financial review clinics for small business in County Leitrim.This review could be used by you to look at your current financial position and options for improving your business going forward, if you want to avail of this resource please give us a call.