Leading Edge Solutions » Personal Development Programme

By: Leading Edge Solutions  05/12/2011

Leading Edge Solutions » Personal Development Programme

All of us wish to express ourselves with confidence, free from the burden of fear and free from limiting ideas about ourselves.  The programme teaches what true assertiveness really is, how to respond effectively in all situations; it highlights the obstacles to true assertiveness and provides for the individuals development.

Who Should Attend

This programme is ideally suited to those seeking to raise their confidence, develop presence and communicate with greater influence.  Perhaps those who have been out of work for a period of time and are now wishing to return to the workplace, those seeking a career change or simply a person who wishes to develop and motivate themselves to the next step.

Duration: 10 ½ days (one half day per week for a period of 10 weeks).  This course can also be tailored in hours to suit the needs of a business.  Total hours of course are 40 hours.

Programme Content

  • Intensive Self Awareness Workshops
  • Create a new focus for your life
  • Understanding ‘Where you are’ in life, ‘Where you want to go’ and ‘How your going to get there
  • Learning how to take action and move forward
  • Guided mediation and visualisation
  • Quiet time – getting to know who you really are and now what the world says you are
  • Motivation workshops
  • Integrating new knowledge and habits in your life
  • Coaching towards a better experience of life, emotionally, physically and psychologically
  • Time to explore what you believe about life and the reality that creates
  • Practical exercises and directions

The Benefits

This programme is designed to help individuals tap into the limited reserve of resources, power, knowledge, wisdom and capacity for action that is hidden from you.  You have everything you need to begin creating the life you dream of and you can start to experience that life today.

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