Leading Edge Solutions » Hospitality Asset Management

By: Leading Edge Solutions  05/12/2011
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Leading Edge Solutions » Hospitality Asset Management

Leading Edge Solutions Hospitality Asset Management specialises in providing full management services to hotel owners and investors. We offer flexible management agreements tailored to suit the needs of each individual property and its stakeholders on a cost effective basis.

With our combined experience in the hospitality and Retail sectors at all management levels, across all  grades, branded and individual, in Ireland and internationally, we bring a wealth of knowledge and a proven ability to add value to any Property.

Our track record shows profit growth in the toughest of markets through dynamic sales and marketing and proactive cost control. We also believe in adding long term value to a business through its most important resource – its people. Customer service and staff retention are more important than ever and can only be improved by instilling a belief in people about what they do and how they do it!

Leading your Business

  • Early involvement
  • Strategic Advice, Acquisition
  • Investment Reviews
  • Capital Expenditure
  • Costs

 From the moment of the appointment, we start implementation of agreed tasks.

Taking the reins, we control the operating business from the beginning.  Impacting capital expenditure plans, operating budgets, marketing strategies and cost control.

We also provide the support and the day to day activities to detail that your business demands.  The very basic core of our service to you is through the extensive monitoring at all levels by our team of highly experienced individuals that will ensure your property is running to achieve maximum return on your investments.

Leading our Perspective

What we find in the hospitality retail sector is that all properties are unusual, so we give them unique treatments, approach each differently.

The key is to always ensure we understand the business details first, these keys are how it operates its strengths, weakness, the potential opportunities and potential pit falls before deciding on the direction required.  It all comes down to thinking differently, looking at the smallest and finest details from driving costs and revenues to the capital and strategic approaches.

Leading on the Lookout

Leading Edge Solutions is always on the Lookout 

Every property has its own set of personalities and every investments it own change in circumstances. 

That’s were our team of consultants pay dividend, the effective anticipate and respond to these factors.  Equally Leading Edge Solutions is always looking to fulfil the needs of investors from single entrepreneur to multi national and financial institutions. 

We know the hospitality sector, people, the needs of your market and the clients that need to be attracted to your property.  We believe this will give you the time to focus on your own priorities, safe in the knowledge that Leading Edge Solutions will apply their expertise to maximise investment return.

Leading Edge Solutions the Expertise

Only those able to think outside the norm look and analyse the alternatives and have the experience to look at all the complexities that make our team.

Leading Edge Solutions has brought together a team of highly talented and motivated individuals, experienced in Operational Management, Finance, Strategic Planning, Sales & Marketing, Property Management and Leadership.  We know hospitality and understand that any investment into the hotel retail sector is a highly complex business.  Our team have the ability and knowledge to focus on the detail that will provide you with that competitive edge and solutions to obtain that all important return on your investment.

Keywords: customer service

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